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New cat: litter box problems?

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Oh, Hi...I'm new here

My fiance and I just adopted a stray that has been hanging out around our apartment complex for a while. She's the sweetest thing. We decided to gamble and let her stay inside with us for a while...she's completely comfortable being inside (it's obvious she was a housecat at some point). We were also really happy to find out that she uses the litterbox.....to pee anyway...

It's been three days and she has not pooped yet! We have looked (and sniffed) all around our apartment, but haven't found any little "gifts" she's left us.

She seems to be feeling fine...and despite the fact that we feed her enough she's always begging for food...so I'm guessing she's not constipated, but I don't know.

Should be be concerned?? She seems completely at home here, but maybe she's holding it in for some reason?

Any advice is appreciated!!
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I read (on here) that some cats prefer a box for poo and one for pee.

Have you taken the cat to the vet? It may be an internal issue.

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Well, if no nice normal poo yet, I'd call the vet for advice - and, since she's new to you, it's probably not a bad idea to take her in for an overall check-up anyway. My little girl didn't poo for two days when I first got her, then apparently felt comfortable and started her once a day routine.

And, bless you and your fiance for your warm hearts and rescuing this kitty. Wishing all the best for all of you.
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I'd definately go ahead with a vet check ASAP. You never know, might be a medical reason for no poop yet.
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