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Anyone interested in Personalized Mousepads?

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We are trying this again- because as cat lovers I know that money goes for other things.

We are now looking for cat pictures for our annual TCS and Meowhoo Mousepad. There is no entry fee for this, please submit your cutest cat photos that you have to me @ maryanne@thecatsite.com and don't worry about the size we will figure that out later. Put on the subject line- Mousepad because I get photos from all over for other projects. Please send quality photos that are not fuzzy or out of focus and the cat team will pick the most adorable cat photos submitted.

The price for this pad will be $9.95- and one pad will be printed and the image will be posted here so all can see.

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I'd be interested! So let me see if I got this right-the mousepad would have pictures of the cats of all of those who ordered one? Cool!
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Right Christy- you would see a picture of Ivo on the mousepad as well as pictures of other member's kitties.
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In that case, I defiantely want one. Sign me up!
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The sounds so cool! When would they be ready? (Gotta plan the budget. )
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Oh, one other question....for those of us with multiple cats, could we have a pic of the cats together or would it just be one cat per person?
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She is willing to work with you giving you whatever you would like with of course restrictions as to not getting too wild. They can be ready any time you send the money. Just trying to get a feel for how many would be interested?
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can you tell us how much for one with four cats on it???
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I'll ask my mom when she gets home from work. That would be a really cool birthday gift for my grandma!
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Count me in as interested.
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I'd love to have one!
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Here's a picture of one of the mousepads - that's the kind we're going to have, only with different pictures and writing of course.
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looks great. sign me up. when do we need to give her the pictures??? (and money of course????)
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Send me a jpeg file of your cat(s) let me know if you want to be on the multi mousepad or you want to have just one with just your cats.
Send it to maryanne@thecatsite.com
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Sign me up!!! I definetely want one!!!! If there are say 20 or 30 of us who want them, won't the pictures be kind of small with so many on it? It doesn't matter but I'm just curious. I will send you a pic of Merlin either today or tomorrow.
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Oh poo! I forgot to send you a picture!! I'm so sorry Mary Anne. I'll see if I can make a decision today.
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Interested in multi mousepads-

cats r us 2
Jin & Spawn

Custom mousepad (with only their cats)


Anyone else? Let me know- and remember the larger and crisper the photo is, the better Rob likes to work with it-
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Hissy, when do we need to send you the pictures by?? I need to start going thru them and narrowing them down...oh yeah, how do you size them? I don't know how to get them to that size.
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Now that is a question for a compute savvy person, not me sorry!
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ok. I can maybe plead with someone on here to help me with the sizing but can ya tell me when ya need to have them? that way I know how much time I have to sort through the pictures and then get someone to resize them. thanks maam!
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Hissy....don't give up on me, I don't have time to pick out the picture tonight....Brent just pulled up...gotta go...but I will be back online either later tonight or in a couple days.
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Originally posted by jugen
ok. I can maybe plead with someone on here to help me with the sizing but can ya tell me when ya need to have them?
You can send them to me if you want resizing and/or enhancing the pic. Just PM me if/when you need help.

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Thanks Kass- I have no timeline, but I just think the sooner the better would be great!
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thanks Russian Blue! and ok Hissy! I will get right on that!
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please note that this project has been revamped so read the first posting to this again and start sending those emails today!
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Brad is helping me pick out pics now, and he is resizing them(I hope) to what you need. I'm sorry i didn't get them to you sooner. I had a seizure thursday and haven't been very with it and this is the first I've felt like doing anything so I'm getting the pics together right as I type and will be sending them to you asap. I'm sorry.
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Oh Barb-

Don't worry about it- I just figured it was bad timing being almost tax time and all- this can go on the back burner. I am sorry you had a seizure and for pete's sake- please don't apologize! Please, just get better!
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Hissy, are they going to use the backgrounds on the pictures or are they going to use their own? oh yeah what size do you need them? and how much writing can we put on it?
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Did you get my picture? I don't think it was a very good one, though...so I will send another.
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