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new kitten in a one bedroom home

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I live in a large one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and one year old siamese little girl. This weekend we are getting a new addition...a 9 week old siamese boy. I have read that when introducing the resident cat to a new kitten they should be kept apart for about a week. I want this transition to be as easy as possible for both cats but I am unsure how to go about keeping them apart in a home with only 1 real "room". We have a living room area and then a bedroom area. I think if we keep our older cat couped up in only one room for an entire week she will go nuts. She sleeps in our bed every night so we can't shut her out of the bedroom...she will howl all night. I am really unsure how approach this introduction. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone know of a quicker way of introducing them...i just don't think keeping them in separate rooma for a week is possible. Please help.
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All kitties are different... you might get lucky and not have any problem introducing them, they could become instant friends! And being the oldest is a female, she might let her motherly instincts take over
I would try having your boyfriend hold one kitty & you the other and pet both of them as you are introducing them. Let them smell each other in your arms and make sure you are giving LOTS of attention to your oldest, so she doesn't think she is being replaced! If this doesn't work, then you might have to do the seperation thing, but to be honest, I never have done that. I introduced a 6 month old kitten a few months ago to a 3 year old male and a 2 year old female. The male did his hissing, but that was it. No problems otherwise and now my boys are the best of friends! My female even gets into playing a little now since the kitten has been here! Good Luck!
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Yes, you can always try the HERE I AM approach. Sometimes it works pretty well. I have usually done this. This is until I hit about 5 cats and the risk of infection was too great to take the chance. If they are going to tear each other up, then yes do seperate them. I would just put the kitten in a bathroom for a day or two and when you take the kitten out while you hold him, let the girl in to investigate. I know it may be hard in your space limitations. If it comes down to it, it's worth it in the long run. When you bring the little boy home and you have any questions, feel free to ask away.
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