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Bit nervous...

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About leaving smudge on her own tommorrow.

I know cats are alright when left on their own, but since we rescued he ron saunday, I have been around the house all the time, and as im going back to work tommorrow, am a bit nervous!

Do you think she will be ok? Ill make sure her water and food is topped up. Ive never had a cat before, so not sure what they are like on their own!!
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Can you leave a few little (1") foil balls around for her to bat? Does she have any favorite toy mice that may now be under furniture? How about leaving a couple of small bowls with just a few nibbles in different places? Cats tend to sleep a lot during the day, so I wouldn't worry that much, but check around very carefully for any possible place she can get into or up to, etc. and remove or lock in anything she could possibly get at that you''d be upset about, or that could possibly be of any danger whatever to her.
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Smudge will probably do a lot of exploring in her new home. Please make sure there are no dangerous things she might chew, knock down or swallow. Close all drawers and doors of closets and cabinets.
If she is an indoor cat, make sure windows and doors are secure.
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Thanks for your comments Today went pretty well. I shut the bathroom door and the door to the spare room but she was allowed to explore any other rooms in the house! She was fast alseep when I came home, so I have bought her some whiska treats and some nice yummy cat milk for being good!
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I would not leave the tinfoil balls around without supervision. If they chew on them, it could be a very sick kitty and a trip to the vet. Never let them chew on tinfoil.
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little balls of paper work well. My little guy loves them!
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I've had many cats over more than many years and not a single one ever, ever showed the slightest interest in chewing a foil ball - all they want to do with them is play hockey.
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I guarantee you that 2 of mine would eat tin foil- I've seen them try to do it
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