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You're probably dying....alone & I type this.

Someone didn't bother to love you, get you shots. Now you die.

Parvo. You aren't hardly even 3 months old. And now many more puppies will die.

Play happily over the Rainbow least we caught it before you suffered any

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Godspeed over RB, Dixie!! Fly quickly to our forever home and have fun scampering with the other angel kitties & puppies & child-angels that have also passed before they had a real chance to live. How tragic that such a beautiful girl should have such a horrific disease; the only bright spot is that she was spared the agony that would have surely been her fate, except for those unselfish humans who did their best for her. Thanks for the pix - all the world should know what precious animals there are who suffer needlessly, all for want of vaccinations
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Another puppy was lost today.
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Thats Terrible So sorry she died.
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to all the forgotten ones. I'm so glad people like you are there for them, Nat.

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She is so beautiful!! Now in the arms of god. RIP Dixie.
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Rest In Peace Dixie May you play happily over the Bridge
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Awwww the poor baby, look at that gorgeous face

Run fast across the bridge Dixie

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Rest In Peace Dixie.
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Rest in peace Dixie

Know that you are loved.
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Rest in peace sweet puppy.
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I'm sorry for your loss. May Dixie rest in peace.
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i have tears in my eyes typing this. i am so sorry and so angry that people shorten a beautiful creatures life for the sake of a few pounds/dollars whatever. i hope and pray that karma will right this tragic wrong.

RIP beautiful puppies, play happy and healthy and in the knowledge your pain is gone forever and you are loved.
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Aww, poor Dixie What a sweet face she had.

RIP sweet baby
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Im so sorry, beautiful baby lab Dixie! Play happily over the bridge, with your sibblings!
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I am so sorry to hear this, RIP little ones, and big hugs to you.
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Rest in peace you beautiful little sweetheart
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RIP puppy and play happily over the bridge.
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How sad she was a beautiful girl. RIP
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I am so sorry. She was gorgeous and lucky to have you. parvo sucks.
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RIP to Dixie...
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