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Please read this article and email the council members involved

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Please read this article -

And them email the council members involved. For a list of emails please visit this page -
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I remember when this was first passed. It was a travesty then and a travesty now. How can they justify euthanizing a cat because it has fleas, is dehydrated, etc. when it first comes in?

Please, if you live the in Akron area contact these monsters who passed this law. If you know someone who lives in Akron, pass along this information and get them involved.
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Oh wow, that's so upsetting. :/

I never knew much of Akrons treatment of animals, and how they handled such matters, the city always seemed so nice to me.
I used to stay there now and again and plan to visit it again some day, well more exactly Cuyahoga Falls, but you get the idea, it's one town over. :/

I guess every city has to have it's under belly though, eh?

I will be sending emails out.

Thanks for this info Anne, I will also be passing this onto my friend who lives there and cares a great deal for his own and any other animals.
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When I see the name of the city is Akron, I know what to expect. I wrote to these people months ago and requested a reply which might explain the reasoning behind such a cruel policy. Trap and kill? Laugh about all the empty cages three days after the animals were trapped? I find it difficult to believe such cruelty is sanctioned by a governing body!

I am going to e-mail the mayor and council again. I am also going to writie to the Beacon Journal and thank them for reporting this travesty and taking a stand. Cathy S. Wood, in this editorial quotes:

The greatness of a nation, and its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

-- Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi
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You can reach the Beacon Journal newspaper here.
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I too have written to them before. I found out later that the city council was hugely entertained by all of the crazy cat people who wrote so many letters of protest. The fact that these representatives of the city find the random killing of animals something funny enough to laugh at makes me sick!
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That's maddening! I think a letter to the newspaper might be effective. I certainly hope so. I wonder when the local elections are? I wrote to the Beacon Journal that the city of Akron, through various media, is getting a reputation as the city of cruelty, one that the citizens themselves would not appreciate. First, of course, I thanked Cathy Wood and the Beacon Journal for keeping us informed.
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I have written them in the past as well. They were highly entertained by my "passion and commitment to mere cats" as they put it. They also wondered why my neighbors would allow me to live near them as I rescue "riff raff" (ferals) I'd like to riff raff them!
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Hissy: Oh wow, are you serious? That is so horrible!
It's one thing to do something like this out of ignorance of the issue. And another to find it amusing and do it ... god sorry i'm just to mad to finish this.

They are taking PLEASURE at the harming of hundreds of innocent animals. They probably are being treated more nicely then the average citizen because they are part of the council.
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As a citizen of Ohio (particularly northeastern Ohio, which includes Akron as well as Cleveland) I am embarassed and outraged about what is going on in Akron. The local news (which covers Cleveland and Akron) has been very fair in their coverage of this issue (meaning they have given equal coverage to the Council as well as concerned citizens and animal lovers who are against the Council), but what comes across is that the lawmakers (or I personally think cat-haters) of Akron REFUSE to hear what the citizens of their city are saying. Many concerned and courageous people have spoken out against the ordinances the Akron City Council have put in place, but the council continually sees them as crazy and not worth listening too.

A very good friend of mine lives in Akron. He and his wife found a very young cat (pretty much a kitten) who was near death while they were on a bike ride. They took this cat to a local vet and found out she had miscarried kittens. He told me that they had decided to NOT take this cat to the local shelters because they knew it would be killed. Luckily, Chino is now a loved member of their family.

Given the mindset of the Akron City Council, I don't know how it can be changed. I just hope that public pressure may eventually work great changes.
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Are there no anti-cruelty laws in the US? federal laws I mean. We've had our share of local councils that tried to poison or kill cats in other methods. That is now a thing of the past almost everywhere. The Cat Welfare Society of Israel rigourously sues them for cruelty for animals, as well as campaigning for TNR.

Now, killing cats can only be done with special permissions - definitely not by private people, only by putting them to sleep by a vet. I'm proud to say that for the past several years no local authorities have mass-killed cats and in fact more and more are now applying TNR programs!
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Sadly the abuse laws vary state-to-state. Some states are tougher than others on the abusers and those who poison the cats, but others could really care less and look at the cats as just nuisances and want to get rid of them however they can.
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I am hoping that our members from countries other than the U.S. will write also, because these politicians are besmirching the reputation of Akron, and their callousness is known in every country TCS has members. I hope these abusers are voted out of office ASAP.
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Well, then maybe the state of Ohio needs to change some laws? I just emailed the governor of Ohio about it. Here's what I said:
Dear Governor,

I'm not sure what the current state laws regarding Animal abuse are in Ohio, but I hope there is something to be done about the way in which the town of Akron treats its cats...
I learned about it from this article -

You can find the details there. I just thought I'd bring to your attention that this information is circulating around the internet right now among cat lovers and giving not only Akron but the whole State of Ohio a bad name...

Is there nothing you can do on the state level to make them treat animals better? These people seem to be taking pleasure (or at least making fun of) animal abuse.

I would appreciate your reply -
His email address is -
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Anne, what a good idea to write the governor! It is obvious that those in charge within the city are useless, so perhaps going to the state government is the way to go.
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Anne, Thanks for the great idea. I have also written to the governor, and received an e-mail acknowledging my correspondence. It reads, in part:

Currently, all correspondence that is regarding an issue, a request for assistance or is general in nature, receives a written response via the United States Postal Service. If you included your name and address, you should anticipate a response within the next two weeks. If you would like a response and did not include this information, please send a follow-up message.
I hope our members will join us in writing. If you do, please include your name and address.
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Oh I made sure to include my name and address so as to get a response. I figured if they have to do something about it - even write lots of response letters - it may wake them up...
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Does anyone have any updates to the appalling situation??
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I just emailed the govenor from here in the UK and included my name and address.
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Writing the governor is great--but also let's economically boycott the city..Hit them in their pocketbooks--don't travel there and don't spend any money there.... tell your friends and neighbors to do the same --Now tell that to the enlightened council members in akron!!
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I work for a large company that is relocated to a nearby city (Streetsboro), I am telling all people that will be moving up there to NOT move to Akron, and a few have already sent emails.

I refuse to buy a house there, and I refuse to shop/dine there.
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I intend to write the governor that i will not be vacationing anywhere in the state of ohio---let him put pressure the powers in Akron...i do not think they (the akron governmnet) is receptive to any complaints --so take it up a notch and let the governor of ohio know how dissatisfied you are with akron...and let him deal with it....But please, let the governor of ohio know....otherwise it will not be very effective.....
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Do you vote for these people? the answer is surely dont!
I have e mailed them all individually anyway.
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