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So I was sitting at work today and the phone rang. It was the security desk downstairs saying that I had a delivery! Well, I was very intrigued and went downstairs. My husband sent me flowers!! It's a bouquet of 6 red roses all surrounded by daisys. It even had a little baloon and a box of candy in it. I was so surprised! And of course I had to carry them up the elevator and then through all of the cubicles and I'm sure I was beet red! I was definately not expecting that! It was so sweet!
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That would have made me blush too.... now what is he planning for Valentines day since you got the flowers today. *grin*
I would love to get flowers at work but you have to have a boyfriend/husband for that.
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Awwww! That's so sweet!! I just love it when a guy does something "special" like that - even if it IS a little embarrassing!

Sounds as if you have a "keeper" there, Beck!

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That was very sweet!
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