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Laptop help

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I got a dell Latitude Cpi pentium2 (laptop) (used) in great contion (sp) Anyway it is running ME I want to upgrade to XP Can it be done? It runs very wel,lt has tons of free space.But I can not get a wire-less card for it!
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You need to get a Windows XP installation CD, and you'll probably be better off formatting and installing XP from that installation CD.
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Depends on how much ram the laptop has. If it's under 256 you'll likely run a bit slow, under 192 and you'll pretty much have a paper weight. Not sure if a P2 can handle it or not.
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I agree emrldsky...don't upgrade to XP, format then install XP. I found that many machines are more "unstable" with an upgrade rather than formatting the old OS off and installing a new OS.
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