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Job Offer Withdrawn...

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Bad news guys!

The hospital job I applied for last month won't be happening...I received a letter from them today saying that they have had to withdraw the job offer due to unsatisfactory references...I'm so gutted
For the amount of appointments and meetings I have endured for them before I was due to start has made me slightly angry with them. I even had my blood taken for Hep B antibody tests for them!! And for what? For them to turn me down of course....I am fuming!

I can't believe I got so far into the application process for them to say no at the very end of it! I'm not a happy bunny at all

Anywho, wish me luck with future job hunts guys! I will be needing lots of it...
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Sorry to hear that you didn't get the hospital job...
Good luck on finding a future job that you like!
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Did you check your references to see what that had said that was so unsatisfactory??
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that's terrible!
Did they tell you what was wrong with your references and what you might be able to do i the future to ensure better references if such a posting comes up again in the future? They should be able to give you that information.
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How disappointing!
Good luck with the next ones
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I would ask to see the references, and then I would contact whichever employer was dissing me and sabotaging my ability to get a job and ask them why. I would also be inclined to leave that job off of my future applications. You could say that you had to take time off to care for a sick family member if you need to fill in the time gap between jobs.
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You certainly need to review the references you are giving to prospective employers. This one may not want to tell you which reference gave you a bad review but that doesn't stop you from calling your references yourself and asking them if they gave you a bad review that caused you to lose the job.
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That is very disappointing for you..Did they give any indication at all as to where the bad reference came from or what the contents of it were.
A lot of time personality issue's result in bad references which is not fair because they have no reflection on the person's ability to do the job.

I have ran into this a couple of times when I have been checking people's references.
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FIND out what references they used ... Sometimes employers use this line because someone else ( usually related ) came in wanting the job ... If it was an employer ( tape record if you call and pretend to ask for references ) who did say something negative you should go to the labor bourd and file a complaint... I dont know about the UK but here all a previous employer is allowed to say is dates of employment and wheather or not they would rehire you ( no details beyond that
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A few years back here in the States some companies got sued for withdrawing job offers. They would put the offer in writing and the person would put in their notice at their old job and the new job offer would be withdrawn. It became a common practice and some people sued for lost wages and benefits.
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That really sucks!!!

Are there any laws in the UK regarding what is allowed to be said with references? In the States there are (and maybe its only Michigan...I've googled conflicting stories), basically a potential employer may only ask up to three questions:

1) Start and end dates of your employment
2) What your title was
3) If you are eligible for rehire

The reference can respond basically Yes/No Questions and your start and end dates. There are some cases where the reference gave involuntary information, however you could go back and sue the previous employer for slander...if you could prove it.
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Do you have a friend who can call your references? That way they won't recognize your voice. Then you will know which company gave you a bad reference
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