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kitchen rug

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my cat is so funny. last night i was brushing my teeth and instead of following me into the bathroom he went over to the rug in the kitchen. he stretched out and did a little scratching. i looked at him from about six feet away and pointed my finger and shook my head. i was only playing around. he was just marking the rug b/c it's new. and he has softpaws on. he immediately rolled on his stomach and did his meow with the question mark at the end. possible english translation- "what'd i do? sorry." it was so cute. i didn't really think he would stop, nor did i want him to stop, but it was really entertaining to see his reaction.
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My cats love to roll and dig their claws on the kitchen rug and the one by the sliding door. There's often a race as to who gets to the rugs first.
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Maybe he knows the "look"? Both of mine do, they usually get an "uh oh..." expression on their faces.
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