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A new fashion trend?

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A friend of mine sent me this link. He thought Billy and Chay would look good in it.
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Wow, that's so funny!
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Funny and kind of creepy
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they look very cool...
kinda freeky that somone comes up with this kind of stuff.
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Can you imagine your Cats walking about the house with those on? It would be a laugh

A smart idea though
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Reminds me of the movie "Robots" LOL
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Never seen anything like that before! So cool looking but funny at the same time
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Duke used to get anoyed by wearing a Bell! Can you imagine if I put him in a suit of Armor?
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I am not even going to show that to my husband cause he will think its cool and try to get some for our cats.
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Noticed they couldn't get a real cat to model for them . A real cat probably would not even be able to stand and drag itself around.
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omg those are kind scary! lol How'd you like to wake up to one of those?!
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welllllllll now what will they think of next? that bottom gold one looks like an armadillo!
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Very weird I must say!!
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ummm no! The cats would do awful things to me in my sleep - which I would fully deserve!
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Yeah, but at least you would be able to hear them coming!
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*chink chink clank chink* One might think someone was trying to break in.

I think it's very creative. What better art then combining things the artist must enjoy? Metal working, armor, and animals. The easily recognizable shapes and the oddity of it has obviously got several peoples attention on here and engaged imaginations (admit it, each of us have imagined our cats in it).
And it's way better then some of the strange abstract stuff I've seen.
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You've GOT to be kidding me!
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I think that armor is for the mice to protect them from the mighty kittehs!!!
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That's shouldn't be funny!

500 or 1000 years from now people could be laughing at us for dressing our animals the way we do today:
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