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This movie suffers from the "three hour editing syndrome". Meaning that people get upset that they spend $20 for movie tickets, $35 on popcorn and drinks, and then the movie is only an hour and a half. Studios have been pushing out the length of films for the past few years so people think it's a good value. In some cases this is a good thing. In some... like this one... it's not. This film should have been cut down to the 90 minute mark. It would have been one of the best of the year. Because it wasn't it just doesn't work. Part of the reason is that people are expecting an Epic Western, and shockingly don't get it. The other problem is that the dialogue just isn't enough to keep my interest.

If you are a huge fan of Brad Pitt see it, if not let this one sit on the shelf, or wait for it to come on Showtime or HBO.