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Living in a Bachelor Apt.

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Our new "apartment" is a room in a house, pretty much a bachelor with a shared bathroom. I have no where to put Picasso at night except in our room. What do I do if she meows all night? I plan on playing with her as much as possible to make her tired, but she doesn't require much sleep to recharge her batteries lol

Is there anything for cats similar to kennel training a dog?


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how old is picasso?? if she isn't too young she should learn the routine. if she is really young i would reccomend a good hour of play RIGHT before bed......should help or atleast hopefully you can fall asleep.....sorry I can't be more help.

If you don't have a 'da bird' buy one. it will help tire her out.........
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I got my siamese, a breed well known for being talkative, when he was 5 months old. He's slept with me in the same room since day 1...even when the door was open.

We keep our new cat in the bathroom (except when she sneaks out...that kitten is FAST). Granted, I'm keeping a reptile moonlight bulb in there, but any time I go into the bathroom in the middle of the night, she's always conked out. I've never heard her meow to get out. In fact, she meows more when she's out of the bathroom than when she's in. But, that's a whole other scenario.
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She's 2.5. I'll definitely try the playing for an hour! When I first got her (3.5 months) she slept every night on my chest, but as she got older she started staying up longer and longer and never getting tired!!
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Yeah Da Bird is an awesome toy. And I dunno if this works but my vet recommended it to me: you can buy these made-for-pet heatpads that you microwave and keep heat for like 6-8 hours and then make her a little bed w/ it. My kitten lies down and goes right in front of the space heater when it's turned on, so maybe that would help her too. Also, I started feeding my kitten some dry food after play time but right before bed. It seems to keep him for most of the night. =)
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Picasso has free access to dry food all day. She likes sleeping on the laptops lol but maybe a heating pack would be a better idea!
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