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Charlie is on the list for a baby brother :)

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Just got done talking to an Oci breeder who I really like their cats. She's putting me on the list for a cinnamon or cinnamon-silver little boy. Told her I was in no big hurry but was looking at one in about a year. The breeder is thrilled that I want to show him as she doesn't get many offers

So Charlie will be getting a baby brother. Now just have to keep working on DH to ok it by next year.

And she's ok with the name I picked too.
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That's very exciting news
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Got the name before the cat huh?

How exciting... good luck with DH. If he's a sucker for kittens I'd take him to the breeders to see and play with them if possible.
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Well the breeder lives further away then Charlie's breeder does. Will have to correspond by phone and email/pictures. But she has nice cats from her website. Her cinnamons have very good contrast and the male throws good color/spots. Nice and clear colors.

And yes, I had the name picked out when I first talked about getting a 2nd Oci - its Cpt. Jack Sparrow

We will be going to some new Oci owners/friends this coming week. They want to show and want me to evaluate their cats for them. DH will see that its more fun with 2 Ocis
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Great name!

I'd like to convince my DH that 3 is better than 2 but it won't happen until we have more space.
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Congratulations, how exciting!

Is cinnamon in the Oci the same cinnamon that I'm familiar with in OSH in the UK? I know sometimes there is a terminology gap between countries

I like that you get to choose his name too, we had that opportunity with Sonic. Not all breeders I know will do that (although no-one I know is guilty of the particular pet peeve that I'm about to mention), but I have seen some cats with really quite horrendous registered names that I'm not going to go into but that I would feel embarrassed to see printed in a show catalogue if I were to show them, it would actually put me off getting a kitten if it had been registered with a name that made me feel like that!
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I agree on the name...there was a rex named "Nuckingfutz"! And CFA registered it!

I kinda named my rex kittens (with "T" names) - some changed them, but most kept them. The cattery uses airplane/aviation names, so I mentioned that I'd like to use the CJS one - and she was fine with that.

Cinnamon is a chocolate/reddish color - here's a picture of a cinnamon Oci (looks kinda like her cats IMO)
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Congrats Life is certainly more fun with more than 1 Oci. I've got my lavender or lavender/silver's name picked out too.

Cinnamon is very nice, Farley's dad is cinnamon
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Well I told DH about contacting the breeder yesterday on the way into town for our anniversary day Told him that it would not be for another year, was in no hurry, etc. He didn't object to it at all

So looks like I won't have to convince him any more on another Oci All he asked me was did I want a show or a of course. And was happy with the price too. So I'll be saving up about $50 a month and putting it aside so the money will be there when the kitten is
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DH told me this morning before work......well your Valentine present is my ok to get another Oci

So its official now. Have a feeling that this next year will be a long one , but worth the wait.
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That's a great "gift" and that Cinnamon in the picture is so gorgeous. I haven't seen that color before.
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Here is some cinnamon/cinnamon-silver and other non-chocolate Oci kittens.
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Congratulations! I'd personally go for Cinnamon as opposed to Cinnamon silvers!
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Either is fine for me - she looks like she has more cinnamons - whichever is the better show quality boy
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I agree, I prefer the Cinnamon to Cinnamon Silver, just because I feel with the silver the definition of the spotting and the head markings are not so striking, and Cinnamon does look particularly great in tabby patterns. But whatever floats your boat as they say All the colours are lovely
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I do agree that the cinnamons are darker. I may email her and tell her the cinnamon would be choice #1 and CS would be #2 If I could get one that looked like her male, ShotDownNFlmz - that would be great. He's a grand ch. cinnamon with excellant contrast. That may be the male she was referring to about throwing color/contrast on his kittens
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