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I woke up this morning to hearing one of our cats meowing. I at first thought he was just hungry but when I went to go feed them he was no where to be found. He later came downstairs and laid on the dogs bed, again meowing.

I went over and picked him up to see what was wrong. I rubbed him all over and all was ok expect for his back paw. He tried to bite me when I touched it. Mario is not a biter expect when playing. I moved him around in my arms till I was sure he could not bite but and checked out his paw. There is no swelling no redness, I checked his nails and they were all ok. But he will all but scream when I mess with his paw. I put him on the floor so I could see him walk and he is limping.

I put him in a crate till I can get a hold of my husband (he has the car) to see about taking Mario to the vet.

Is there anything else I can or should be doing to help my big guy?
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Just try to keep him quiet. Sounds like he could have a splinter or glass in the foot if he doesn't want you to touch it. Hope its something simple and not really bad
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Or he might have sprained it a little while jumping or otherwise playing. If that's the case, it seems like a cat is often back to normal within a day. Mind you, I would still bring him to the vet like you intend to do. Meanwhile, I agree with GoldenKitty --- watch him and try to keep him calm.
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Thanks, I cant get him into the vet till Friday but he is doing much better this morning. He even let me look at his paw real close, it is still not swollen but it seems tender. I told him he is still going to the vet to make sure all is well, he just glared at me...
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