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Sabrina and the bathroom

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ok..my sabrina did something funny last night. Just before I went to bed I went to the bathroom and suddenly I see the door opening to the bathroom and a paw come through the door...
then she pushed the door in..looked at me..wandered around the bathroom and just meowed at me...a few times...
then went back out...
think she wanted to use the bathroom?
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Nope, just making sure the "big, bad toilet" doesn't swallow you. Three of my cats go nuts when I close the door to use the restroom. When they get in, they want me to pet them or they check things out and leave. I think Sabrina is just wanting to make sure you are ok.
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When I get home from work my routine is to go upstairs and change then I go to the bathroom. Well, I can't close the door because Wickett like to know he has a captive audience and will rub on my legs and meow until I pet him. It's so bad that he now follows DH upstairs when he goes to use the bathroom... the type of trip that requires reading material so I have to get out a toy or something to bribe Wickett into leaving DH alone so he can potty in peace. I've created a monster!
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Both of my cats love to be in the bathroom with DH or me. Usually in the mornings, one follows me to my bathroom, and the other goes with DH to his bathroom. They also camp out right outside the shower the whole time I shower, meowing. I think they are trying to warn me about the bad water in there! As soon as I get out, they both look so relieved, like "whew, she made it!" Too cute!
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Pepper jumps in my lap when I'm on the toilet... In the mornings though when I get up to use it before I take a shower she'll jump in the litterbox (it's right next to the toilet) and do her business while I am. It's so funny!
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Hobbit follows me just about everywhere and when I leave the living room he follows and as I go into the bathroom he's right outside giving me sad eyes! xD and when I come back out again he's just waiting fur me and follows me back to living room or where evr I go
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sometimes when I'm taking a bath or I'm using the bathroom, I see two little grey paws sticking under the door. Chloe loves to just stick her paws under the door, or she will wait outside the door. She likes to follow people.
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My cats do that all the time. They have this thing about closed doors.

When I shower, Kelly likes to stick her head in to make sure everything is OK. There have been times where she went IN the shower while the water was running!

So cute.
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