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not sure where to ask this question

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My cat Lucy is in the animal hospital she has broken her tail and her nerve to her bladder has been affected so she cant urinate , ive trawled the internet on how her tail could have got broken as the vet is saying he thinks she has been run over as her claws are ripped he says she will have clung onto the road with them , Lucy never goes onto the road and if she had been run over wouldnt anything else have been broken like a leg or her hip or something not just her tail , im asking as my neighbour said he hates my cats and he is going to get rid of them 1 by 1 , im wondering if he has pulled her off my fence by her tail and thats why her claws are like they are from her trying to cling onto the fence , im not sure if im just being paranoid as this is the 3rd cat that something has happened to in as many weeks
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It's possible?. I think it might be a good idea for you and your neighbours with cats to get together and keep a watchful eye on this man.

It would help if the cats could be kept inside as well though Sending Lucy lots of healing

I'll move you to the health forum
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I'd call your county's humane society and ask them for advice.
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I think your idea is more probable then getting run over by a car. The hips/legs IMO would be more affected.

This is one very good reason why its safer to NOT let them outside and unsupervised. I know in Europe its more common to let them out; but maybe you will consider a cat enclosure so nothing more happens to your cats when they are running around unsupervised outside.
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Oh my gosh... that's horrible. Definitely sounds like it could be the neighbor rather then getting run over by a car. Unbelievable.... I know somebody suggested calling the Humane Society. I would also call animal control as well and see what they say. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my cats outside anymore. Maybe only let them out when you are there to watch them.

This SOB outta be glad he isn't my neighbor!
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Shouldn't the cops be alerted, too?
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I would cal the Cops.
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I don't know if you'll ever know for certain. When we were in college, my boyfriend took in a cat who he had seen in the neighborhood after discovering that the cat's tail was broken. We pooled our resources to have the damaged portion amputated, as it was necrotic and the dying tissue could have spread. We think that his tail broke as a result of my boyfriend's older brother accidentally driving over it (his older brother was not a big fan of cats, but he wouldn't have done it on purpose). Jeff (the cat, who is now about 11 years old and living with my boyfriend's parents) never showed any signs of hip or joint damage--it was only the last half to 3/4 of his tail. I think both theories are plausible, and it would be difficult to tell which was the case. I would definitely call the non-emergency police number and ask about local laws regarding the statements your neighbor made, and what you can do to help protect other neighborhood cats.
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Thanks everyone for your replies , my daughters boyfriend is a policeman and he has put a log in of what the neigbour said about getting rid of my cats just incase anything did happen , its so hard to prove it though , Im not leaving it im sure he has hurt my lucy and i will stop at nothing to get rid of him . her tail is broken at the base thats why i was thinking how could a car have done it i would have thought if it had been run over it would have broken half way down .
i have a big kennel and run ( with lots of toys and climbing things for them )for the cats they are let out in the morning while im at home and im checking them all the time to see where they are normally they are sunbathing on my car bonnet :-) they stay in my garden or pop in to the house to see me , before it gets dark i tell them its there teatime and they follow me to the run where they are fed and shut up for the night i thought doing this would keep them safe :-(
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I would still have a word with all your neighbours who have cats though just so you can all keep a close watch on each others?.
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so your cats don't live inside at all? All it would take was some poisoned food from your neighbor and all your cats would be dead. If 3 cats have been injured in such a short amount of time, I would be bringing them inside.
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Sorry if you got the wrong impression , my cats sleep in there kennel overnight , the kennel is heated with heat lamps loads of beds ect , the run is enclosed and is 20ft by 10ft , with loads of climbing frames toys ect for them to play with if they awake in the night , i had it built for them as if they slept in the house when someone comes in late at night they would sneak out the door so i feel they are safer in there than running about the streets at night without me knowing , my dogs have a kennel next to it but they have the run of the garden so if anyone is about they would let me know , my cats do come inside my house when i let them out first thing in the morning but i leave my back door open so they can pop out and enjoy the sun where they lay on my car bonnet , they dont wander they like to be near me they usally round my feet most of the day hehe
my 2 other cats died three weeks ago George from a bloodclot in his heart and Sox had a stroke he was 18 yrs old , i didnt type it quite right as to explain my head is all over the place at the moment thinking about Lucy
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Sounds like they have a fab little hotel there!
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Hi - Give us an update on Lucy? Is she ok? What do they do for a broken tail?
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Lucy is coming home

before she can come home i have to go to the vets twice a day to learn how to express her bladder as she is still not doing it herself and we not sure if she ever will , i have done it this morning and am just about to go back now to do it again .
when she comes home i will have to do it 4 times a day the vet said , its going to change my life as im going to have to fit it around Lucy but i belive when you bring any animal into your life they are family and you treat them as such

2furbabies her tail has to be amputated as its no good anymore its just dragging along the floor all floppy and will get soiled
But the best news is she is coming home soon as the vet was talking about putting her to sleep so im extatic
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Awwww excellent news!!
Originally Posted by prettypusscat View Post
its going to change my life as im going to have to fit it around Lucy but i belive when you bring any animal into your life they are family and you treat them as such :
You've no idea how lovely that is to read. Your not giving up on Lucy and i applaud you for it

Keep us updated on your little girl?
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Aww... poor baby... I'm so glad she is coming home soon. Sending good vibes your way for the changes you are making for her. I hope she can adjust quickly and in time be able to express her bladder on her own.

Please watch out for that nasty neighbor
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