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Feline cystitis Please Help

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Hi Everyone, My 3 year old male cat was taken to emergency vets last Sunday as he could not urinate. It turned out that he had an uretha blockage and he was quite poorly. He was allowed to come home on the Tuesday and has to have daily trips to the vets for checkups. On the Friday his full bladder showed no signs of improvement and so he was taken back in the vets for xrays and test. The results showed that he has struvite stones. He was kept in the vets until Monday and put on Royal Canin S/O and seemed to be doing well. However, When I took him for his checkup this morning his bladder was full, so they have decided to keep him in and insert a catheter yet again. The poor thing is extremely nervous and refuses to eat when staying at the vets, so obviously I am quite worried that he won't be getting what he needs to dissolve his stones. This is the first time iv'e come across UTD and am interested in hearing other people stories and any advice on dealing with it.
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Wellington had a blockage due to stones last year. It is important to adjust the diet so that whatever is causing the stones can be eliminated if possible. In his case it was calcium, so now I have switched to a low calcium bottled water, especially since we live in a hard-water area. Fortunately Wellington only had to have one procedure, then was on dilating tablets and antibiotics for a week or so. I keep the dilators in case of a recurrence, and monitor him carefully for any signs of distress, but so far he is OK. I do hope your guy improves soon.
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Just had a call back from the vet saying that there is no blockage or crystals so the diet he is on must be working, but his urine is very bloody so he will have to stay in there for a few days. Poor Archie ,he's spent more time in the vets than at home recently.
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Hi - My male cat has chronic cystitis. Talk to your vet about putting him on Cosequin for Cats. It is 1 pill each day for life. My cat has been on this for a year and it has made a drastic difference. It helps to maintain a healthy bladder. It has definitely worked for him... worth a try.
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My Cat had Stuvite Stones in Aug 2006 and was put on S/D which worked. She had a Ecoli Infection too and it took 2.5 months to get rid of the infection. Last Nov she got a infection again and was on Meds from Nov to Jan. She still has slight blood put her urine was neg for Bood and her test is now neg. I hope your Cat feels better. My Sisters Cat Midnight has had what your Cat has to times so far. He was staying at my Brothers in the Bay area when he got the last one. We went there late at night to take him to Er and then brought him to my place for 2 weeks. It will be 2 years in May since his last prob. My Sister could not have Cats at the time because she lived in Dorms. We took him to my Vet 2 days after the Er and he changed all the Meds.
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My vet phoned this morning and said that now that the crystals have cleared the problem is probably pyscological. Does anyone have any tips on how to help my cat overcome this. He is quite a nervous cat and often sits and stares at the catflap cause sometimes we get unwelcome visitors who come in to eat all my cats food. I think this might be contributing to his stress and was wondering if it would be a good idea to block the flap off completely. Also, does anyone know of any natural remedies to relieve stress in cats?
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unwelcome visitors ??? Do you have cats that come and go from the outside thru a cat door? Not sure what you're referring to... if so, could you put some food and water in a different location for just him; maybe kind of secluded and show him where it is, so that only he knows it's there.
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The unwelcome visitors are other cats and whats really annoying is that some of them fight my cats too.
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I'd keep kitty indoors and permanently close the cat flaps.

However, did your vet discuss with you the administration of any meds? I find it strange, because Struvite crystals can be dissolved with an acidifier - our vet always prescribes Albeta. Of course, this doesn't help with a blockage - kitty under these circumstances does have to be catheterized.

But the diet is VERY important for keeping the crystals gone. Our kitties were put on a Science Diet C/D diet, which is working for them. However, a diet that is low on grains should work too - and adding a cranberry supplement will also help.

To help relieve stress, you can try purchasing Feliway and Calm & Serene (or Rescue Remedy) Flower Essences. These help some kitties - some kitties they don't. But Feliway is a synthetic hormone that mimics the "friendly" markers in cats' cheeks, and usually helps. I don't know where to obtain those in England. Here our vet sells the Feliway, though it's available in most pet stores now.

I don't know if you can order from this site, but this is where we get them: http://www.catfaeries.com

Also, just extra attention and play time can also help diffuse stress.

Helping him drink extra liquids is also good - keeping the bladder flushed. Put out more bowls of water. Strangely, we found that our kitties are drinking more out of black water dishes than white or metal ones. ?????????? Don't know why, but there it is. We also have a drinking fountain for them, one on each floor of the house. We bought one that pours out a spout rather than running down a ramp. They LOVE it. Here the brand we bought is Drinkwell, though I don't know what's available to you there.

And while this is controversial, we only give our kitties distilled water to drink. Maybe a filter attached to the sink would work - or look for a spring water that is low in magnesium and calcium. Distilled water supposedly leaches minerals out of your bones - but our vet says that this would be offset by the nutrition from the food, and because we've had three male cats catheterized, two of them twice, we're not taking any chances. So we give them distilled water, because we know we have very hard water coming through the tap.

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Thanks for all your great advice, it is really helpful. I will definitely be trying out a few of your suggestions.
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It has been over 2 weeks now since my cat first had the uretha blockage and he has spent most of the time in the veterinary hospital since then, he is still in there now and he still won't or can't pee. My vet says she has never had a cat in with this problem for so long after a blockage. He has been on a cocktail of drugs and they have just ordered a new drug for him to try, I guess they are running out of ideas and i'm wondering if this thing will ever be resolved, cause right now I can see no end in sight. I am worried sick and working up a rather large bill, already over £1500. Has anybody ever experienced something similar?
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My vet has just phoned me to say that she performed an ultrasound in his bladder and she noticed something white in there, she flushed his bladder but it was still there, so she is going to have to look inside and find out what is going on in there. She's ringing me back in about an hour, now i'm really worried in case it is a tumour.
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I hope he will be ok. How come he didnt have th Ultrasound sooner? My Coco had that first and they found Stones in her Bladder. She was put on S/D and they went away. That was in Aug 2006. She had another bladder infection that just went away in Jan aftter 1.5 Months again. I hope your Cat dosent have a tumor and will be ok.
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I don't know why they didn't do ultrasound sooner though they did do xrays. Anyway my vet recently rang me and said that she removed quite a large free floating piece of tissue, don't know how it got there. Hopefully that was the cause of all his problems and he will finally start to recover. Thankfully there are no signs of a tumour or anything else sinister, so thats good news.
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Hi - I hope everything turns out ok... keep us posted.
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Hi, Great news, my vet just phoned and told me Archie has finally had a pee all on his own. It was still alittle bloody, but if all goes well overnight I can bring him home tomorrow. I'm so excited, I haven't seen him for over a week and iv'e missed him sooooooooooo much. Thankyou to all who have wished him well
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YAY I'm glad Archie is doing better!
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Great news. Enjoy Archie tonight.
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Hopefully you won't have anymore problems. My FAng is ssusceptible to struvite crystals, so I manage it with Carpon, and I periodically check his PH. He is doing great. the following link has info
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Glad to hear that Archie gets to come home!
*happy dance*
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Glad he is doing well. My foster suffered stress related cystitis, and wet food only, extra water in his food and Cystaid helped him tremendously. Not all vets stock Cystaid though, but you can buy it online without a prescription, you just have to buy a large tub (250 capsules). For things like Cystaid, and Feliway, you can get them cheaper through places like VetUK and BestPet Pharmacy (they also sell things like Frontline and DRontal cheaper than your vet too), and if you go through some rescues, they get a 5% commission - let me know if you want a list of rescues that you can help by ordering through them.
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Unfortunately, Archie has suffered a setback. The vet has just informed me this morning that his kidneys are failing, probably due to all the treatment he has had recently. I'm so scared that i'm going to lose him now, after all he's been through.
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i am sorry to hear this, there are things that can be done with kidney failure to give them more time. You might want to check out www.felinecrf.org.uk
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Archie's kidneys our fine now. He suffered another blockage and because he had recently had a bladder operation, urine was leaking out from where it had been opened up and travelling around his body. He has had tests and his kidneys and other organs have suffered no permanent damage, which is good news. The vet has decided to keep him catheterized for a week to give his bladder time to heal as pieces of the bladder lining have been coming away and that is what's causing him to reblock, it also seems to keep blocking in the same place. If he reblocks again my vet has suggested an operation to remove his penis and create another hole further up, but she only wants to do this as a last resort because of other possible complications. If anyone has any info on this type of operation I would be interested to know. Thanks.
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Years ago I had a cat that needed that surgery at two years old. It was very successful and he lived to the ripe old age of 15 when he developed cancer on his liver. Not sure though if it will work if the bladder lining is coming off. I think they used cosemein for that. You should probably give that as well, even after the surgery, depending on what the vet says.
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I know a couple of people who have had that op done - one is 22 now, and it was over 10 years when he had his op done, it was when it was only just being introduced. The other was about 2 years ago. Not sure if either are near where you are, I can only remember where one of hte people lives
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My Friends Cat had that done it worked out fine.
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Hi hon! I am so sorry to hear what you're going through with your babe... my cat had the same issue, and I took him to an ER where they put a cath in, and since his urethra was so small - upon taking it out before I took him to my regular vet, it ripped off and was stuck in his bladder. They had to do a bladder surgery to get that out, and then recommend a P/U (I do not know the full term off-hand) but it's basically removing most of the penis so that the larger upper part of the urethra will be near the outside and open, and make for less change of future blockages. Then diet comes into play, (Mine's on Science Diet C/D) Your vet should explain the procedure to you, as mine did. He even showed me in a vet book with pictures. To put it as simple as possible, it's like turning a male into a female.
My cat is doing very well and is nearing 10 or so and has had one set back with a bladder infection, but that was because I got sloppy and didn't get his rear end shaved, and urine stayed close and bacteria set in. (long hair male persian) ... I'm sorry it seems to be taking so long to get your baby back. It seemed to take way longer than it was supposed to with mine too. Will pray for your baby and you are both in my thoughts.
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& that Archie gets better... for you!
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Hi, thanks to you all for your replies. The vet phoned me this morning to say that Archie can come home this afternoon, but I have to take him back for a checkup first thing in the morning. He hasn't had to have a P/U operation yet, but if he does block up again then he will have to. I am hoping that doesn't happen as he has been through enough already, so fingers crossed that it all goes well this time. It will be strange having him home again as he has been in the veterinary hospital for almost a month now, poor thing. My other two cats will be surprised as they're probably not expecting to see him again and have adjusted to him not being here. I'm so pleased to be able to bring him home again and i'm praying that nothing will go wrong this time.
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