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Kitties in need of homes!

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I've got a couple of kitties who are in need of indoor homes.

First off....Molly a.k.a. Kitler

Molly's got lots to say..."squeak squeak squeak"

She's spayed, housetrained, UTD on shtos, & purr-fect with a scratching post
Great with other kitties, great with dogs (been attacked by one)
Will be FeLV tested prior to placement (FIV tested if you wish it)

Loves to sit in laps, be petted, sleep in bed with you, and nap in sunbeams

I only request payment for the FeLV/FIV testing, the payment will be made as a donation to the humane society where I volunteer. (You may make a direct donation to them via PayPal if you wish)

Doggie love

Good at hide & go seek

Has the most adorable head tilt

NOT car savvy...so indoors only. That's the reason I think she needs a new home. She's been hit by a car once(2nd pic is post car accident), & had several near misses. I can't get my kitties to accept her (evil Ophelia Rose). I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a solution, & this may be her best bet at life.

Then there is Chairman Squishy Meow. I literally took him home when he had less than 12 hours to live. He's 10-15 years old.
Neutered, housetrained, & uses scratching post. He's UTD on distemper, has not had rabies as I am not comfortable vaccinating a cat of his age(I did not opt for distemper, shelter did it).
FeLV-, never tested him for FIV
He's relatively good with the other kitties(considering I have some hateful felines), sleeps on the dogs as pillows.

One requirement I have is that a new home either have a turbo scratcher or one of these toys in the pic.....he lives for this toy, actually carries it around

Doggie love

He had an allergic reaction to something & lost a bunch of hair. I have my suspcions it was Frontline.....but cannot verify that unless I frontline him again & I do not want to do that! The sores are gone & the hair is re-growing.

If you know someone interested in either of these two, or are yourself interested, please give me a PM. I hope to be able to find them homes, although it is not that likely. I knew Squishy I wanted to be able to re-home.....Molly.....is not an easy choice. I am not willing to risk her life any further, not for me.

Both kitties I pulled from the humane society where I volunteer.
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There cute and they both have a moustache!
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Sending lots of prayers and vibes that you place BOTH of them into wonderful homes
I see your dog is a real TCSer at heart Those pix are precious
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Paws crossed that the purrfect home comes up for both of those adorable moustached kitties!!

Chairman Squishy Meow is looking great!! And happy too! Glad his sores are clearing up
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I just made Molly "officially" up for adoption. She's listed on the humane society here's website. Now I've got to FeLV test her, figure out where she can fit into the house here.....and get her UTD on shots.
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