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funny toilet story!!

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Last night as I was going through my nightly ritual of removing my make up and brushing my teeth, Maggie, my kitty, decided she needed to be in on the action.

Rather than make an educated decision about how to climb onto the sink, she bolted into the bathroom, attempted to catapult off the toilet seat and onto the vanity. However, the toilet seat was up and she landed in the bowl! The look on her face was priceless and I'm not sure if I've ever seen her move so fast. She was dripping wet and obviously dismayed at her misfortune. What a riot!! Anyone else have a good kitty in the toilet story?
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Oh yeah, I've got one of those. My Sphynx MooShoo did the exact same thing. Ka-Plunk he went. The bottom half of his body was soaking wet. He had this look on his face like "I meant to do that" as he walked away shaking his back feet. I was hysterical:laughing2
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That's great, but no toilet story; however a good bath story, Opie follows me around like a dog and while I was in the tub...he had no idea...so, I see him as he always gives me this huge "rrrrreow" as his welcome and bolts right in the tub with me! I didn't know who got more wet...he looked at me like "omg...with a valley girl twist on it" jumped out and shook licked, shook licked...now, he just watches me shower...little devil! lol

Love Opie >>>> :goodbad:
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No toilet story, but last night I was taking apart this little Bombay Co. table I own. The top of the table lifts off of the legs. So, just the legs and frame were sitting there. Joey, of course, decides to jump up on the table. He jumped right through it! The look on his face was priceless! Then I think he couldn't believe it homself, because he did it again! I can never stay sad with this imp around.
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Dear Deb,
How did I know you'd use that same little icon I picked!!! I have a picture of both Joey and Squirt...brotherly love!!! I love them so much!

Love &
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Our Mishu is a "different" cat. Whenever me or hubby take a shower, if he hasn't been let into the bathroom, he'll howl outside the door until we let him in and once we do, he jumps onto the ledge of the tub and crams himself into the corner where the tub ledge meets the corner wall (yes, IN the shower) and he'll just sit there until we're all done (meowing for an occasional pat on the head)... Then when we're done, he'll wait until we get out of the tub and lick the remaining water from the bottom of the tub! How weird is that? And actually, Jo likes to join him in lapping up the water when we're done (but she won't go in while the water's running like he does)!
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When I saw you with the little orange kitty last night, I simply smiled! I knew you'd pick him too!
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Dear Deb,

That just made me smile too!
Here's one of Opie's poses for ya...it appears that he's grinning and his little tongue is sticking out! :laughing: He's my boy!

Love &
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He is beautiful! It does look like he is smiling!
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Well when I first got Jake he was so curious about everything - not that that has changed since he is older. But this particular time he wanted to know what the toilet was about. Unfortunately that night I forgot to put the lid down. He must have fallen into the toliet and got himself out and he ran soaking wet across my face at about 4am. It scared me stupid I woke up in such a shock I started screaming
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My kitty is fascinated with toilets! Every time I walk into the bathroom she fallows and waits impatiently for "flush time"! She stands on her hind legs as soon as me hand reaches for the lever!
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Dear Ash,

Thanks and Opie says..."I know that!" He's a brat isn't he! :laughing:

Love &
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what an absolutely PRECIOUS picture!!

I sent you a private message...did you get it?
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Airprincess Well hi there!! It's so good to see you. Thank you for your sweet compliment...he is precious...very much so. I did recieve a private message!

I went to get it and nothing was there...so, I meant to follow through and I can't believe I forgot!!!, I've been such a ditz lately. I'm sorry...Could you please resend it?? I have been like lizard with it's tail cut off around here...really nutso. It's so nice to see you. Please post a pic of your kitty...I must look at the boards! I've been rather busy with Max's case and I'm so concerned that everyone know about it. So, it's my own fault if I have neglected the postings. This will be resolved soon, but not soon enough...I'm sure you understand.
Oh and one more thing...what in the world is this kind of face...he looks like he sucked his cheeks in!!! That's not his face!!! :laughing: I don't get it?????
Love & :
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Originally posted by Catarina77777

Oh and one more thing...what in the world is this kind of face...he looks like he sucked his cheeks in!!! That's not his face!!! :laughing: I don't get it?????
:laughing2 How cute! It looks like he is sticking out his tongue at the camera! :tounge2:
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BigBoy is 3 times as big as Cinnamon and always wants to play chase with her. She does not play anything at all, so when he is chasing her she runs down the hall and jumps in the middle of the bed. We were getting a new bed last week and had moved the old one out of the room. Cinnamon flew down the hall, into the bedroom, gave a flying leap and landed on the floor where the bed had been. The look on her face was priceless. She sat there looking all around as if to say, "Something's different here". We rolled! :laughing2
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This is a funny toilet story. In our old house the bathroom was right off our bedroom. One night, in the middle of the night the toilet flushed. I woke up thinking it was my hubby. He thought it was me and when we realized we were both still in bed we were quite startled, wondering if someone was in our house. We were laying there in bed, trying to get the nerve up to go and see when suddenly Dummie gave a big howl from the bathroom and we realized she had stepped on the commode handle. We were giddy with relief and had a good laugh.
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