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Ultimately, it's for the best. But..

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Well, I'm finally doing it. It's long overdue, and I've put it off long enough, but..

I finally scheduled the appointment to have miss Trina spayed.
My unsoiled clothes will thank me.
Toby will thank me.
My boyfriend's ears will thank me.

I'm mostly worried about her personality changing. Trina is my baby.. I can pick her up when she's being a lazy kitty and she'll snuggle up to me and lay with me in practically any position I put her in. She's uber affectionate except for the occasional aloofness. I love being able to hold her like a baby and rub her stomach.

And I really, really, really don't want to lose that.

How likely is it that her constant lovey moods(though it's OBVIOUS when she's in full-blown heat, as she's a siamese talker) are due to her unspayed nature?

Is she not going to want to have her belly rubbed after this?


Oh.. and we're having it done valentine's day. Go figure.
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I've never known a cat to be less lovey after being spayed. And it sounds like everyone will be much happier once it's done.

It's minor surgery and she'll be better in no time
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Nothing will change, she just won't go into heat anymore and be miserable because she isn't being bred.

I've had 4 animals spayed/neutered in the past 3 years. None of them changed, except for one, he was a cat that got dumped at the barn. Before he got neutered he'd bite you and swat at you if you quit petting him, he doesn't do that anymore. I think having the extra hormones just got him overstimulated, where now he doesn't get that way because he is testosterone filled.

Everything will be fine, if anything she might be more sweet because she won't be dealing with crazy hormones. Plus you'll know it's genuine
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Valentine's day is a great day to be spayed....cause you love her so much

Anyway, her personality should change - for the better And after she is completely healed she shouldn't mind her tummy being rubbed.
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Dushka and Ellie and Biscotte all love having their tums rubbed. Persil never did, and that didn't change with being spayed!
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Shark and Arwen didn't mind their tummies being rubbed once they were spayed, in fact, they were more soppy!
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Sending quick recovery vibes her way!Everything will be fine!
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Every female cat I have ever had has been much better after her spay. No more unhappy yowling and flirting with my SO. (which would be hysterical to watch if I knew they weren't so miserable)
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This is probably all in my head but it seems like Chloe has been more loving since she was spayed. (It was not that long ago, January 29th). She doesn't seem to hate having her belly rubbed as much as she used to.
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Thanks Fiery, for making this post.

I am anxious about Kelly being less lovey too about getting her spayed. Her appointment is coming, and I am pretty nervous. It's great news to know that so many people's babygirls have been equally if not more lovey. Kelly is a lap kitty and she talks and talks! I don't want to lose that.
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Everything will be FINE!! My (2) girls Nickie & Dobie are both spayed and they are Loving Cats.
Kelly is LOVED and she KNOWS you are doing what's Best for her.

Take care,
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She will be just fine... I have two that need to be fixed as soon as I can get it done, and I know they will be much better off because of it! No cat I have had has ever changed for the worse because of the surgery...
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Spaying is such a minor surgery, there's nothing to worry about! Calming for you....because it's in our nature to worry.
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She's been spayed! I would have responded to this earlier, but my internet would not load even your responses. It's a relief to know she's going to still be my baby! I just was worried she'd go into being perpetually aloof, even though she only did that once a month.

The main reason I was so worried was because of the anesthetic. Trina is SO tiny... and now she looks even skinnier! She's only been fasting since the night before, but oh man, I had no idea how much her uterus and ovaries were filling her out. She looks positively skeletal now!

Isn't that scary?! Goodness, she was thin before, but now she's just.. ack. Scary.

Hopefully she'll gain some weight, but not TOO much.. I only want one roly-poly kitty, she's supposed to be the tiny one!
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Pearl was like that when she was spayed. She filled back out nicely.
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