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I got an email from a lady today asking if i offered stud services. I havent offically opted for a completely closed cattery and emailed her back it was possible to an approved female. she sends back a picture, which was cute but than informs me her Himmi was bought from a breeder at a dog show, without papers.

I politely said I am sorry we cant approve a female with no papers. That she has a very cute kitty. And a friendly informational that she will not likely find a reputable breeder who will offer stud services to an un-papered female.

I get back.. "That's kind of silly. If they are being kept as pets, why would it matter if they have papers or not? I would think that would only matter if they are being shown. I don't know how the "cat" world works...sorry. I know dog breeders do it all the time. I don't place any of my dogs with registration papers"

I dont understand that. I show my dogs, and I have not met a breeder who doesnt send paper work with their animals. Pet animals get Limited AKC registration. Just like you do with CFA.

she also said, "Interesting. In dogs. I only paper what I'm showing for myself. I don't paper any of my pets...not even limited registration. My finished champions are placed without papers as well"

That just seems odd to me wouldnt you WANT your animals papered? and the papers to go with them. I know in horses you sure do. and All my cats get their papers...

Is it just me? or is that Hinky?
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IMO only the bybs don't care about papers (they breed to make money). You did the right thing by refusing stud service.

Sad thing is that she will find another byb that will let her use their male for breeding.
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All the cat breeders I know are absolutely fanatical about registering their kittens, I honestly think it shows a lack of regard for the responsibilities of breeding if there are people who don't. The only situation I can think of where it might differ with dogs are experienced people breeding working dogs, where a breed standard and demonstrating that your dogs have their ears at just the right set and eyes a perfect colour is somewhat less important than whether it is great at herding sheep - but I know nothing about dog breeding, that's just off the top of my head.
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i was pretty sure i was right in this but hey maybe i missed something, LOL.

and your right goldenkitty..they will just find another BYB..*sigh* but once they have their mind made up like that there isnt much i could do to change it. I tried though.

btw golden sorry i missed you at the was just to cold to go outside...that day. and Caesar wanted to cuddle.
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yeah yeah - its not cold till its minus 10 and it was not minus 10 at the show.

We did take some cool pics of some of the ice scalptures on Sunday morning. It was warmer then - you should have come out - that's when Charlie got his final
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well it was to cold to be at the bus stop.

Our car starter went kapoot that thursday and we didnt get the car back til monday
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Admittedly, I do offer stud service from Tonka ... but only to well-known and trusted breeders and never, ever, ever to an unregistered queen - as a breed preservationist, that would be simply unforgivable!!
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There are many more bybs in the dog world, so much easier to find other bybs to work with. In the cat world for many uncommon breeds it would be very hard if not impossible for her to find a stud, unfortunately she works with the most popular breed so will probably find a byb to work with. She should not be breeding dogs or cats imo.
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Especially when she admits she doesn't know anything about cats!
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The fact that she doesn't understand the value of "papers" tells me just about everything I need to know. Papers aren't just for showning...
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I agree. Now granted in horses we have a saying that "You cant ride papers" which is true but we all know the value of them as well. Its ancestory it lets you know things its a family tree geaneolgy.

I think she will have more trouble than shethinks finding someone who will offer stud service here. I am not saying we dont have BYB in MN for cats we do. But i have found its more prevelent in..well as she pointed out with her own email. Dogs.
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UMMM my yorkie from the shelter came with "papers" now I never needed them but still
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