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Do you have boys, girls or both? - Page 2

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Both, but prefer males to females. When we get another Oci, it will be another male so the ratio will be 2M/1F (or if you count the dog, it will be 2F)
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I have 2 boys and one girl.
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I have both right now. Sassy and Linus are both male, and Pixie is female.

I usually adopted male cats because they seemed harder to find homes for, however when I went to choice my last cat Pixie made it quite clear she was coming home with me no matter what..
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I have 1 boy and 1 girl.
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6 girls & 2 boys here
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I have three girls and one boy. No preference really. I'm crazy about my sweet, gorgeous, somewhat temperamental girls but, since Pete's my only boy, that makes our relationship pretty special. I'd love to have another boy someday when I'm able to adopt again.
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3 boys & 1 spoiled sassy princess.
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we have a mix of 5 girls and 4 boys-we recently added the 5th girl and I am not so sure that it is working out too well or if it is the fact that there might just be 1 too many-
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
At the moment, including foster cats, we have 9 girls and 10 boys.
How do you manage with so many?
My kitten looks like the one in the picture.
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We have 2 girls here at home. At my parents there are 5 more furbabies including the 2 dogs, all are girls except for Pumpkin. We've always had all girl pets untill Pumpkin came along in 2003. My Step-father always said no matter what he did, he was out numbered by women!
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4 girls (joji, skinny, qt, yon), 7 boys (wawa, ichi, ni, san, go, ashley, buddy)

Like to have more girls though.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Just curious as to whether those with multiple kitties have mostly girls, mostly boys or a mixture? I think there's not many of us who have all girls!
well, i have both... but mostly girls, since 4 are girls & only one is a boy!
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I have two little girl kitties
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One of each
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All boys here. I prefer the boy kitties usually.
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I have two girls and two boys.
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Two boys, one girl.
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2 boys
1 girl

Our boys are much more lovely dovey! Leya can be a real witch!
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2 girls

I would like my next cat to be male, but I don't really care either way.
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I've got equal - two boys, two girls. I originally had only one girl, but I've slowly graduated up the ranks to equal on both sides (and I'm lovin it! )
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I have (2) Females & (5) Males in the House and they all get along pretty good.
Alot of Work to take care of them -- But Well WORTH it.
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In 1996 my husband and I married and he was the owner of one female grey torti named Guilty (he was a prosecutor at the time). We quickly adopted two other girls: Sadie and Samantha.

From 1996 until 2004, we were a "three girl cats husband and wife".

Then all fun broke loose when we rescued a pregnant Siamese from under a deck at the beach. She delivered six boys and one girl on 9/25/04.

We kept Jasmine and four of her boys: Keith, Louie, Willis and Gookie (rhymes with Cookie - it's a long story)

My own mother and dad took the remaining kittens: Zoey, Sinbad and Tigger (two boys and one girl)

Simultaneously, we rescued Emma Claire from the pumpkin patch and six months later we got a call from a rescue group asking if there was room at our Inn for Elizabeth, a one-eyed tuxedo who suffered the loss of an eye and a broken leg when some jerks threw her from a car at four weeks of age.

This past year, two of our original crew went to heaven. Guilty on July 14th and Samantha on Dec. 30th. Sadly, our little calico Sadie has hyperthyroid and high blood pressure and is showing signs of weight loss. She's on three doses of meds per day and is hanging in there.

Right now our family is:
4 boys and
4 girls
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We have one male and one female.
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I have 4 boys and 2 females
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I have 5 lovely girls atm. I think in my 25yrs plus of keeping and rescueing cats. Ive only ever had around 3 - 4 boys they were very sweet. But it always seems that it is girls that come my way for rescueing.
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i have always had both. currently have 2 boys and a girl.
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In my house there are three boys and one girl kitty.
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Currently I have 2 girls and 1 spoiled rotten boy! Oh, I guess they are all actually spoiled rotten!
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i have all girl's!
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I have 2 girls.

Both of my dogs are girls, too.
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