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Do you have boys, girls or both?

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Just curious as to whether those with multiple kitties have mostly girls, mostly boys or a mixture? I think there's not many of us who have all girls!

Edit: D'oh, can a mod please edit the title of the poll and change "gilrs" to "girls"
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Historically me and my family members when we've had more than one cat, we've usually had one male and one female.
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I'm the only female in the house... The cats, dogs and kids, are all male!

The testosterone in this house is through the roof!
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I have all Girls now. My Male was Pts on Jan 11. I do plan on getting one more Cat this Summer.
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Right now we have two girls and a boy.
Until we brought Elliott in we had always been an all girl kitty family.
I love Elliott to death, but I prefer girls.
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At the moment, including foster cats, we have 9 girls and 10 boys.
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At the moment i have 3 girls in the house and 3 boys. I have 3 female cats and 1 male and both dogs are male. Then there's Colin and Me -so the house is evenly divided between girls and boys We didn't choose on purpose- that's just the way it happened.

Girl Cats: Jasmine, Isabella, Velvet
Boy Cat: Kojak
Boy Dogs: Whiskey & Fosters
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I have both!!
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Both of my kitties are girls. In fact I've never had a boy kitty. Not that I am not open to having a boy kitty, it's just that I tend to take in mostly strays and they've all be girl kitties.

When I got Abby I was looking for a companion for Chynna. I adopted her from my friend's daughter's former roommate. I didn't know what her gender was when I said "yes" and only found out when Abby arrived at my home.
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Both boys and girls.
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat View Post
Both boys and girls.
You have every sort of cat possible....
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Oh my god, I thought I just posted that! All I saw was stoli!

I have all boys!~
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I've been doing the same with the Valentines signatures with Smudge and Stumpy by the parents of their respective dates
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Just boys here
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We have all boys. I actually feared that I’d get smitten by a girl last time at shelter because I was quite set on getting another boy – even though my head kept on telling me that it would probably be easier to introduce a girl into the household.

I am a late convert to loving male cats. In my childhood we always had girl cats at home. When I went to get my first own cats I was looking for two females, and was a little hesitant when a little boy kitty chose me. I have not been sorry since because we have been so lucky with these boys. Now I guess I just don’t want to break the spell – such mushbombs they are! Somehow I just like calling them “my boys†- not that a girl kitty would mind I guess
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I have only 2 cats, but I have one of each. Both are fixed, of course.
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One girl cat, one boy cat, and one girl dog, one boy dog.

Hmm..... I think I'm seeing a pattern.....
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2 boys, 1 girl. I prefer boys so I probably wont add anymore girls into the group. Maybe one more but I rather have it mostly boys.
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I always said that I prefer male cats, and female dogs.

No reason for preference of male cats.
Both my boys seem to want more human companionship.

Our little Miss Phoebe is Calico - guess Calico's have real personality issues from what the Vet said when she met her - something like she's gonna give the boys a tough time.

Well, she sure is a cutie. When I hold her, she has to have all her feet pushing against me - she's just now beginning to settle "in" a little ... and, asking for more and more scrubs - maybe after two years she's seeing more of a need for human attention.

I think she does drive our older male a little to the edge, cause he's always after her - think she might be attacking him and running, then all I see is KiKi on top of her when I go to see what all the growing and hissing is about - it's her. She "play fights" on her back - curious that's her favorite defensive move -- usually she can get under the china cabinet where KiKi can't.

Not sure what to contribute her actions to - female, Calico, or just her personality?

Love the differences - they fascinate me.
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I had two girls and one boy at one time, but my precious Jade had to be put down in November of 07 due to FIP. Not long after that, Faith came into our lives...making our trio all girls...
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I have 2 adorable sister kitties
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I have both boys and girls.

It started at one each, then two boys and one girls to the current of one boy and two girls.
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Hmmmm...I have.....5 boys now: PJ, Punky, Dorian, Squishy, & Cow.....I have 5 girls also: Twitch, Lily, Damita, Ophelia Rose, & Bea. Bea, PJ & Punky are all fosters.
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Boys over here!
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I have both, 2 boys and a girl.
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I have lil Boys!
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I have 4 girls and 2 boys
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I have 2 boys . Puddems and Piston. And 4 Girls. Puss Kink Hemi and Bella.
I also have my cousin staying with me and he has a lil boy kitty his name is Ninja.
We also have 2 boy dogs and 2 girl dogs. 3 girl rats and 1 neutered boy rat(mays well be a girl). Not sure bout the cockatiels yet. budgies is 1 boy and 2 girls. and girl chooks.

Boys and Girls.....
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I have 3 male cats under the age of 2.
I don't know whether the parrot is a boy or a girl!
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Two girls and one boy, and Jack tries to be boss but quickly gets brought back down to earth by Rosie and Sophie
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