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Just noticed you made it over 9000 posts!

Way to go!

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Debby, that is soooo fantastic!!!! Congratulations!!!!

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I can't even imagine typing that many posts!!!

My fingers are aching thinking about it!! Is Carpal Tunnel setting in Debby?

Better get out that medical insurance.....

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!! I just saw this!!!

I feel the carpel tunnel setting in as we speak..err...type... :tounge2:

You guys are awesome!!!
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yowza, debby! you're so hot we can't touch you!
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:LOL: Hot is not quite the word I think some people might have for me!!!!
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This is for you Debby !!!

you know how we call a multi-poster here : a BLABBERMOUTH

HE HE ? loL !!!!!!!! :baloon: :blubturq:
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And you said no one ever threw you a party for reaching a posting goal!! That's just because you go flying past all the landmarks so fast we can't keep up!

Congrats Debby - the reigning and forever Posting Queen!!!
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Congratulations Debbie
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Goodness, what a chatterbox! :tounge2:
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[color=sky blue]just saw this thread, honey

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS !!!!

and thank you for being such a constant, warm presence here at the site

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YAY Debby!!!!!!! You little Chatterbox!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats Debby..... You HOT little poster you....

And do ALL of you realize just how nice she is???

How long till you hit 10000?????
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Denise Russell
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Originally posted by Imagyne
Congrats Debby..... You HOT little poster you....

And do ALL of you realize just how nice she is???

How long till you hit 10000?????
Now Ken! You are going to give me a bad reputation here, and then NOBODY will think I should like Uncle Cracker!!! Heh heh!!

You guys should all see the gorgeous photo of Ken in his leather jacket that I saw! He loves it!

Thanks guys!!!
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Debby - you are the best and I appreciate it when you find the time to post. Your posts are always a highlight of mine! Congrats on 9000 and looking for the party that will happen at 10000!
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Debby, I just now saw this. WE WANT THE NEXT 9,000!!!!!!

You hadn't had Amber yet when I joined. You were on leave from work, and you had the time to reply to every post. You were like our collective Mum, encouraging everyone, supporting everyone, helping, hugging, laughing. Now you have so little time here and things are tough at work. It's our turn to love, hug, support, and help you! ... AND THROW YOU A GREAT BIG PARTY!!!!!

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