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Another reason to NOT like Paris Hilton

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Is it even real?
I thought she never liked cats in the first place?
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She likes anything that is small and cute, that is why she is stupid. And when it grows up, she dumps it for the next small cute thing that will fit in her designer trash bag.
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Maybe one of her attendees was suppose to do it.
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What a

I have NEVER liked her!!
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They're saying it's a stunt for the rescue to get publicity. Honestly I wouldn't give it a lot of weight.
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Look at it this way, the cat is better off being in the care of someone else rather than being stuck with that trollop.
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That did it for me. I didn't care either way about her before. Bad Paris. Case closed.
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What idiot adopted out an animal to Paris Hilton in the first place
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Its true . The DJ at the Radio Station here works for a animal rescue here too. He was talking about it yesterday. I hate her to begin with but this makes me hate her even more.
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I was flipping throught the channels and saw something about her having 17 dogs. 17! Don't know how true it is but I'll look and see if I can find a link before my laptop dies.

Ok, here's the link to the moron's statement. She talks about how she couldn'tgive way her dog's babies becuase she wouldn't want someone to give away her babies! She is a moron!!!
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I saw that on the news the other day too...that the ASPCA visited her home (or some group) because she has 17 dogs and LA only allows 3 per household.
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Yeah... about those poor dogs... I belong to a few dog forums, and this is the latest little tidbit floating around.

I have no idea if it's true or not, but she is DEFINITELY NOT a responsible pet owner, so I am inclined to believe it.
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Can there be anyone stupider???????
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
Can there be anyone stupider???????
The 535 members of Congress.
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