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Sliver has a gray nose, Snowball has a pink nose, Sage has a dark peach nose with a hint of black, Sushie has a black & pink nose, Spooky has a black nose, Spici has a peach nose, Shilo has a black nose, and Sadee has a black & pink nose...
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Sibohan's is a cute pink and black nose
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Shark has a Black nose, whilst the other two have Pink..
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Black and velvety-soft here!
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I don't know about you, but I love the reddish noses with the dark outlines, they look like little hearts!
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Popsie has a pink nose with a little black dot on it. It's the cutest thing.
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Pooch: Pink
Luke: Black
Kelly: Pink
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Squee's nose used to be black when she was a kitten but now it's pink outlined in black, like Scratch's nose.
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Sierra's is soft baby pink, and Serenity's is sort of a tannish-pink, if that's a color, with a little smudge of black on the upper right side.
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You forgot gray

We have
black and white
gray and white
and all gray
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Demetri and Farley - pink rimmed with chocolate
Anastasia - brick red rimmed with black
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Trent and Mojo have black noses.

Ophelia has a cute little pink nose that gets really really pink when she's sleepy.

Ginger has a mauve nose with whitish spots at the tips so it looks like a pretty little heart.
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I voted white for Matilda, even though it's a really pale pink/white.

Chloe's is 1/2 pink and 1/2 black
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Wesley's nose is black and Sox has a pink nose with a little black spot on it! So cute!!
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