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2 cats = no attention to owners? Is this true?

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I've been thinking about getting another kitten for a while now. Many people have told me that when you have 2 cats, they pay more attention to each other and ignore the owners. I'd love for them to become buddies, but I still want my cats to want to play with me, snuggle, etc. Any opinions on the matter? I know just about everyone on this site has more than one cat, so I'd love to hear some advice!

(Moses is barely 1 yr, we've had him for about 9 months and is very people friendly.)
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Not true AT ALL.

With parakeets it tends to be true, But I did not see that with my two cats, nor when they became three, and certainly not now that I have 4.

Yes, they spend time with each other IF THEY LIKE EACH OTHER (they don't always!) but they DO seek you out for special one on one time.
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Oh good!! I was hoping it wasn't true. I think Moses would really like to have a friend while I'm gone all day at work. I feel bad leaving him all alone for 10 hrs a day.

The shelters around here have a "get to know you" room, where you can bring in your own pets to meet with a new one you're thinking about adopting. I'm wondering what the success of that is. A bit of reading on this site has led me to believe that it takes a while for cats to really get used to a new sibling. How do I make sure that Moses won't hate the new furry friend before bringing the new guy home?
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Goodness me, NO!!! I practically have to scrape cats off me every time I want to move! I do have Orientals which are a particularly friendly breed, but the same applies to my lovely moggy boy.

2 cats is double the love, double the fun, and double the joy
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He he he...I'm giggling with excitement! I've wanted to get another one for sooo long! I'm going to do it!!
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Go for it girl!

Two, the benefit is that they have each other to play with when you aren't around. They'll still love you....after feed them!
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It's definitely not true. I have two, Siamese boys and they both like to sit or lay with me when I'm watching TV. If I'm on the computer Lucius likes to sit on my lap, but Geran is usually nearby laying down. Geran's less of a love bug, but he still likes to hop up on your lap once in a while. The only difference I've noticed is they don't bother me as much in the mornings.
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You're right, I don't think the "get to know you" room is a good idea for several reasons: 1) cats are easily stressed by a strange environment, 2) colds and flu can spread quickly in a shelter, it's just one of those things, 3) cats rarely take to one another straight away, it can take weeks if not months for them to become friends.

In terms of choosing a cat that is likely to get on well with Moses, try to find one with a similar energy level and personality - if he is a quiet, laid back kind of guy look for a similarly quiet cat, if he's very active then look for another energetic one... and go for one around the same age or a bit younger, seems to work best for chances of friendship.

Let us know how your search goes, I'm all excited for you!
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I have 2 cats (mind you I got them together and no they weren't siblings) and they chase each other a lot..but. they also come looking for me...
my little boy jumps up behind me and starts rubbing his face against my hair and starts grooming me. and my little girl will just curl up next to me.
thats not true..
they come to me more then my boyfriend though...
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All cats vary in their personalities as to whether they are lap cats, cat friendly, people friendly etc. But as I added cats to my household, as each one accepted or hated the newcomer, none of them changed towards me. My first two, Dushka and Ellie, are both real lovebugs and fight for possession of my lap. Dushka has always slept in the crook of my arm all night, and this has never changed however many others are on the bed. But they all react and interact with each other too.
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not true at all!!
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Just another voice in the chorus has been my experience that even kitties that get along still love their people and you may even find yourself overloaded with attention as they compete for your lap
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That hasn't been my experience either. I'm pretty sure Matilda (my older cat) would love it if Chloe (kitten) disappeared entirely. They sometimes play with each other but they each interact with us more than they do each other.
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We have 3 cats in the house my 2 and then my room mates cat. They all play like crazy, but there is almost always at least one cat on the couch with me!
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tell that to Charlie and Ling - they tolerate each other but both want to be in your lap. Even with the rexes - they ALL wanted to have the best lap spot.

Have no fear - they will enjoy each other's company but still will want to play with you. Nothing is more fun then being pinned down on the sofa/bed with a bunch of cats.
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