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Female question.....

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My best friend has two female cats who are not spayed yet. She told me the older of the two has been peeing just outside the litter box and on clothes and been fighting with the younger one. She said she had an appointment for the younger one to get spayed but wanted to find a home for the older one since it was driving her nuts. I told her she should consider getting both of them spayed because i thought it would change the both of them and that their behavior would go back to normal. So she thought about it and told me this morning she was taking both of them in to get spayed. I was happy about that but i know males spray until they get neutered and that will generally take care of it, is this also normal for females cause squishy is starting to do it too a little but only when she is actually in heat. (which by the way i am going to fix in the next week or two)
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Thank you for convincing her to get the cats spayed

Females CAN spray, tho not as much as a tom would. It also could be a case of UTI in the one female - have your friend check that out too.
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I don't know the answer to your question. I just wanted to say "Squishy" is a cute name and an adorable kitty!
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Does your friend use two litter boxes? It's always a much better idea than one, as a lot of cats don't like to do their business in the same box, or prefer to do some in one box and use the second box for different business.
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the behavior that you metioned for your friends cat does not seem like spraying but more a health issue or maybe territoray issue do to the other cat. You are correct spaying a cat can help the cat from spraying but once a cat has sprayed spaying does not always work. anyway i think it is good that both you and your friend or having your cats fixed good luck to both of you i hope you find the right answer to help you
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Females peeing on things when in heat is fairly common, if it's only happening at that time then spaying should put a stop to it, as they will no longer go into heat.

Well done for convincing your friend, her cats will be so much happier and healthier when their bodies don't have to go through this any more!
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thank you all. I had to convince her to give the other one a chance. She is a gentle cat she had to stay lol. I mentioned the urinary thing too so i would imagine she will have it checked out. i did not mention getting a second litter box tho i will do that cause i think she does only use one and they have an upstairs in their apartment.
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