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What breed is my Hank?

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I am sorta curious what breed my kitty Hankie is. He has really strange coloring, I'm not sure if he is a certain breed or just an uniquely colored DSH or a mixed breed. It doesn't matter to me I am just curious Here are a couple of pics of him. The coloring I'm talking about is his sorta stripes and his different colored undercoat.

Also sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure of where it would go.

If you need a dfferent pic or something just say something, I have hundreds
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No particular breed but looks like a very dark chocolate or sable smoke. Almost like the chocolate color of a Burmese (genetically black). Maybe one parent was black the other a sable Burmese.

I had a black smoke rex who's father was a chocolate rex (but he was out of burmese chocolate - not true chocolate). In the summer time she would go from black smoke to chocolate smoke - her hairs were really chocolate, not black. In the winter, they were black.
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The coloring is very unique (and pretty) I wouldn't know what to call it either.

He looks like a Domestic Medium Hair to me,
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Looks ike some Burmese in him.
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He's a very uniquely colored domestic short hair. I don't think the tail is fluffy enough for a medium hair. He's a very handsome cat!
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awww he is so cute :-) I have no idea what he can be..but very cute
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He's very cute, Just think of him like I think of my 3.

A little if this, a little of that, and a couple of other things thrown in to make it interesting.
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I agree that it's what they call a "smoke" coloring. My brother in law had a cat that his family called "Smokey" who had similar coloring, with the fur lighter closer to the skin and darker further out.
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Wow, that colouring is really interesting! I have no idea if that's the trait of any particular breed. GoldenKitty45 knows her cats, so I'd be inclined to listen to her.
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Are those tabby markings I am seeing too-on the legs...can't tell on the body so much, cause of the lighting...but? I am thinking some type of "smoke" pattern too... very lovely and unique kitty...what a cutie!
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I have no idea, but I absolutely adore him (that picture you used for your sig is hilarious)! His eyes are gorgeous too, btw.
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no idea. very handsome though
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