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I hurt him! Need good vibes

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I was walking through the living room today and Jack got tangled up in my feet--he squealed and ran. I figured I just scared him--scared me too!

Then 15 minutes later he came upstairs and I noticed he wasn't himself. Upon further watch I realized he was limping. I of course starting crying and called my hubby who luckily is working just down the street today. He came home to find Jack wrapped in a towel on my lap, and me crying.

He was limping pretty bad on his front left leg. However by the time hubby left Jack was pretty much playing as usual--still favoring it ever so slightly.

I had made a vet appt the minute I saw him limping but we are now cancelling until further notice. I'm going to keep him in his safe room while we are at work today--so he can rest. We'll see how he is this evening and if he is still favoring it we'll go to the vet.

I feel awful, it breaks my heart to know I hurt him....

Please sends vibes for both of us

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Aww, that can happen to the best of us. Darn cats are always underfoot, and they're so quiet and stealthy, sometimes you just don't notice them in time!

Sending lots of
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Oh no! Sending good vibes your way
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I hope the Cat feels better. When I went to get Oreo I stepped on one of the other kittens Paws in Boots. She screamed but was ok. I have stepped on my other Cats paws too. It wasnt your fault
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sending vibes your can happen to anyone. I know my boyfriend accidently stepped on salems tail the other day and he screamed..but he's ok now..
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It DOES happen to us all! Try not to feel too bad about it, every child, puppy and kitten gets hurt at some point or other, and its the fact you care that makes you a good mom! Ive had a limping kitten before and it stopped happening after an hour or so and that was the end of it. Fingers crossed the same happens to your kitty!
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Scooter is constantly getting his toes or tail stepped on because he is such a nosey little brat. He screams like you are killing him, and puts on a big production until the treats come out, then he is fine.
I hope Jack is ok. Please keep up posted.
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oooo... good luck!!! hope she is fine!! don't feel bad about it, accidents happens.
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...i'm sure your cat will be okay.
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Sending many vibes his way . I hope you get home to find him well and happy

It is so scary when that happens. I've stepped on Isaac so many times and he still tries to steer me with his body.
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Here's hoping Jack is fine... I'm sure he is. It does happen to us all though, so don't be so down on yourself. The other day I bent down to pick Zoe up and while lifting her, I realized I was stepping on her tail at the same time (she has a huge fluffy tail! ). It ripped some hair out, I felt horrible but she was fine. She made up for it this morning by running right under my feet and kept going while I almost landed on my face!
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Sending lots of vibes!
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That has happened with me and Heroine a couple times.I of caurse always cry lol and he never does he goes silent and shaky for a couple mins and then moves on.Sadly its going to happen with cats but the fact that you worry is the importan thing.That makes you a good parent dont be so hard on yourself
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Similar thing happened to me the other day with Tiger. I was washing dishes and stepped back not knowing he was right there and stepped on his tail. He screamed and ran away. I went after him, grabbed him and apologized profusely. After a few minutes it was as though it never happened.

More good vibes your way.
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You're a good meowmy, and it happens to all of us. I managed to step on Dante's tail the same day I brought him home from a tooth cleaning - what a day for that poor guy! I was so upset, just like you are now. I was so grateful I was wearing house slippers, but still, I'm no light weight.

Poor Jack - he's probably wondering why mom and dad are watching him constantly now, checking every move. But, hey, you've no doubt got the vet's number on speed call, and if Jack so much as winces, he'll be in for a check up because he has a very good mom!
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Awww, he will be okay Many vibes
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Well things seem to be much better.

Hubby got home from work early and said Jack was running and playing, jumping up on his new cat tree to stretch and scratch!

I just got home from work and you can tell he is still favoring it ever so slightly but is overall his normal self.

I of course still feel awful!

If he is still favoring it tomorrow we may go to the vet--for my peace of mind.

Thanks for all the good vibes guys!

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Jack was doing well this morning before we left for work, and hubby said when he got home Jack was doing well--but about 30 minutes before I got home hubby said he started limping again. When I got home at 7 he was limping but now he isn't!

He has jumped on his cat tree--has gone to the highest platform--has stretched out on the sisal on the cat tree. All this without issue.

What should we do? He doesn't appear to be in any pain--we have felt all around the leg and shoulder and it doesn't seem to bother him. But he is still limping?

Should we just see how it goes?

At this point we really can't get him to the vet until Friday evening because of work schedules--I just started a new job and only get 2 personal days the whole year (I'm a nanny)

I'm so paranoid--having been the one to do this is breaking my heart.

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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
What should we do? He doesn't appear to be in any pain--we have felt all around the leg and shoulder and it doesn't seem to bother him. But he is still limping?

Should we just see how it goes?

i stepped on Cable the first time [i've done it at least 3 times... she loves to get right up next to me when i'm not watching] when she was fairly small [maybe 3 months?]. anyway, i was concerned enough to take her to the vet. this is what he did - he held her back legs, to force her to walk on the front ones [i stepped on a front one]. he said as long as they could put weight on it that way, they were basically find - probably just bruised. so i'd wait.
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He is still limping today. And I feel even worse now. I am making an appt for Saturday just in case we need it.

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Maybe he aggravated it a bit jumping around and playing? Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Sometimes I think cats enjoy getting under our feet, it's a game called "who can trip the human". It's resulted in numerous bruises, scrapes, and soreness for me over the years... cats are always unscathed.
You learn to never wear your shoes in the house and to drag your feet when walking through a dark room.
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Hubby keeps saying Jack is fine---but would he be limping if he wasn't in any pain?

Also last night we turned the light off in our bedroom (Jack sleeps all night in our room, door closed) and I watched him walk across the night stand, across my dresser and he would act like he was going to jump but then he would turn and pace some more. I finally got up and sat him on the floor--it was as though jumping down in the dark scared him (perhaps because his leg hurt and then it was dark too...)

But he also jumped up to each platform on the cat tree and played fetch today--limping with fetch acting normal when jumping up but on the way down you could tell he hurt.

And currently he is sitting on top of the leather desk chair. He jumped up from the floor a good 4.5 feet high.

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