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How much do you put up with?

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I woke this morning with a crick in my neck caused by sleeping awkwardly around Little Dude (he's very fond of sleeping cuddled into my neck and I wouldn't want to disturb the little guy) I was also tired from being woken by Pip at 3am, 4am & 5am dry suckling on my ears (thought she'd have grown out of that by now) My hubby - also tired as Pip makes so much noise chewing on my ears and purring happily that she wakes him too - had a bad back from sleeping awkwardly round Pip (when she did sleep)
All in all, not a good morning
The thing is, in work today, exhausted and aching, I realised I couldn't wait to get home to see my kits
So: A) does that mean I'm officially a 'Mad cat woman'?
and B) how much do you put up with?

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Im a MAD cat woman too - My kitty litteraly drives me MAD

Like today I came home from school, exhausted and hungry and when I sat down he's already up and about all hyper and he goes and hits my foot with his paw and wont let me have 5mins of peace after my hard day
And he'd sometimes sleep on me at night which gets sore and then I get to warm..and have to get him off of me! He keeps me up at night and bites me..
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Well I think we're all "Mad Cat" women and men or we wouldn't be here
I put up with almost anything from my furbabies.
Gracie is 8 years old and still does the kneading and suckling thing every single night.
I have permanent marks on my upper arm from her kneading me every night before she goes to's like getting a tattoo in your sleep...but she's my little sweetie so I just let her do it
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I have to agree with that one! I have Arwen do that to me most's strange how sometimes it can be soothing
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Yeah, I buy a special mattress because I have back problems and then I won't move for hours not to disturb the precious ... or two... or three... that are numbing half of my body....
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Pepper has gotten into a new habit of eating my earplugs... I have to wear them or I'll never sleep because the hubby snores LOUD. Anyway, she jumps onto my nightstand to get them. Well, two nights ago I woke up to her actually trying to pull one OUT of my ear!!
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Tigger is our only master who sleeps with us and the rest sleep downstairs. Our son tells us that it's a process of musical masters who use him for a pillow. Sterling and Charlie will use his legs. Laptop will use the top of the couch or the headboard cubbyhole. Shadow uses whatever is available.

oh.. Tigger prefers only to sleep on DW because she doesn't flop around like I do. I also make lots of noise with snoring/CPAP machine. I'm the last resort if DW is visiting sister or away on business.
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I am glad to know that I am not the only one that has to sleep with earplugs. My RB kitty, Fred, would hook a claw into them and ease them out of my ears, often without waking me. I scolded him enough times that he taught the others to do it and they would all play with the stolen earplugs. I woke up once and caught him teaching a newly adopted kitten to do it.
I am also having peeing issues with Pepper again, so she is back on the meds. She kept standing on the table that I would make her stand on to get her meds and meowing, so maybe she knew she needed them. She pees on my clothes, towels and bedding. She tries to go in the toilet, but just can't seem to get the hang of it. She keeps trying and I keep mopping the bathroom floor. I think hers is part recurring UTI and part behavioral. She tries, though, bless her little heart. It still makes me mad as *ell when I find she has peed on my bed, but I still love her.
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my little girl sabrina likes to climb into bed with us at night...
sometimes she will walk on me ( I lie on my side) and start kneeding my legs..
then she will lie down on top of my legs...
I let her for awhile but then I end up having to move her...
and if I lie on my back she will crawl on my stomach start needing me and lie down.
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I am right there being a "mad cat woman". Most nights I have one cat curled up by my side, one in-between my legs, one at my feet and one at my head. I have a herniated disk in my lower back and sleeping on my back and in such cramped ways, I end up waking up hurting most mornings. Yet I hate to disturb them. I will contort myself to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom...just to make sure I do not disturb the "herd" around me. Funny thing is that my hubby adores the cats but does not take care while he is sleeping so they all are curled up with me and stay away from his half of the bed. Oh well, anything for my babies.
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he thinks i'm a mouse....big mouse. he starts hunting on my legs (UNDER the bedsheets) every morning when he thinks that i've slept enough. and...I LOVE THIS LITTLE CURLY ALIEN!!!!
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Faith loves sleeping RIGHT next to my face, or in the crook of my neck...sometimes she fits in perfectly, but other times she tries to wedge herself in the 'wrong spot' and I find I am breathing in tail fluff, or have paws digging into my neck! I have to shift her usually, which she usually tries to go right back to the same spot...Lol! After a while she will settle down on my pillow or on my belly, or just plain leave, then come back later and try again!
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Onyxx, I was reading your post to my husband - he thinks you're "A", but we feel like we're all in good company here.

We have similar stories - but, looks like some of you posting here are way ahead of us in your bed sharing practices.

So far, KiKi is the only one claiming the bed for the night - then, in the morning, about 4:30, he begins the task of waking up my husband, usually with neck cuddles and loud purring - if that doesn't work, he walks on our CD alarm - turning it on - what a kick!

I won't admit to all the other stuff they "make" me do for them - but then, you wouldn't be shocked, 'cause it's "normal" to you, too.

All this lovin' can't do without it!
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Originally Posted by GloriaJH View Post
Onyxx, I was reading your post to my husband - he thinks you're "A"
Guess I already knew that but thanks for the confirmation
Last night was slightly better - only got woken twice by Pip!

Question: can cats purr in their sleep? I swear Little Dude was purring (loudly) all night, every time I was vaguely conscious last night he was purring and when we got up this morning my husband said exactly the same thing before I mentioned it.
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I get my legs out from under the covers by pulling them up around my ears to make sure I don't disturb the cats If it's Smudge or Stumpy on me, I'll shuffle around, and adjust them, and they generally settle back down again. If it's my sweey, shy Lily though, I won't disturb her, because our snuggle times only happen at night and they're very precious
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