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Introducing a Cat to the Great Outdoors

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Where we are moving, Picasso is going to have access to the outdoors. How do I introduce this to her? She's been outside a few times in her life - not by my choice though! She darts for the door every time it's open! She will be living with three indoor/outdoor cats (Picasso and her new friends are all fixed) who are used to coming and going as they please. I would like to see her do this too, because I believe it may calm her down. It's a quiet neighbourhood with a couple of indoor/outdoor cats.

Should I let her out at first only while I am there? Should I put a collar on her? Will she be able to find her way home? Previously when she's escaped she's been either on a farm or a large property and didn't go far (just circled the house and climbed a tree). I know she'll have a blast out there because there are so many things to chase!


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Do you have a fenced yard? I know you can't stop a kitty from climbing the fence, but atleast you could watch her for a bit while she surveys the new surroundings.

Perhaps bringing her out on a long lead and harness for the first couple times may acclimate her to her new surroundings.
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Wait a few weeks after the move so she can get re-adjusted to where "home" is. Get her used to the other kitties so they don't drive her off before you let her go outside.

Microchip her, & get her a collar with tags. For her safety & your sanity should she wander off.

At first, watch her carefully outdoors. She may not be outdoor savvy & may simply never be safe outdoors. Go slow, make sure she is comfortable defending herself & you are comfortable that she can take care of herself outdoors. Make sure she's got the ID on her, & that she knows where home is to come back to.
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She already has a micro chip (thanks to the Humane Society where I got her!!). I think I'll keep her in for a bit to get used to the new place and because it can get pretty cold (-20C) this time of year.

Are there break-away collars incase she gets caught in something? She is very curious and will jump around all over the place lol

And no, there is no fence.
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There are tons of break-away collars of all types. You can find them in most any store here....
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