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I'm Here - Umm..sort of...

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I've been sick with the stomach flu & cold. Not fun and I feel 50% myself especially when the dizzyness and nausea hits!

So that's my great adventure. Sorry to disappoint the folks who thought alien abduction was my true fate!

I'm off to read all the threads I missed this week. Thanks to all who were concerned....you know who you are!
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I would have been concerned too, but I haven't been online long enough this week to even notice you were missing!! But I DO care, and I am so sorry to hear you have been sick!!! I hope you are feeling better very soon!!!! **HUGS**
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I am glad to see you back Kass!


Did Nakita help to take care of you? Was she a good nursemaid?
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Well, that's TWO milk cartons that we'll have to cancel.
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Hello my fellow sicko (sorry sickie)! I hope you are feeling much better soon. Please don't send your flu vibes my way that is the last thing I need! I would have missed you if I were here.
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I hope you feel better soon. Although it might be more fun to say aliens abducted you (you know, they took you to this great place where you got massages all day, followed by chocolate feasts and great pedicures).

Snuggle with Nakita-that's the best medicine (on this planet!).
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glad to see you! hope you are getting better and are back to 100% very soon.

nakita! give mommy extra snuggles!
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Kass, I'm glad to see you're alive and kicking. At least kind of kicking. Sorry to hear you're so sick. We did really miss you!!!
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Thanks everyone.

I've rested so much that now I can't sleep! That's why I'm here, probably will be for awhile!

Nakita stayed in bed curled up beside me. The purrrffect nurse!

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