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need good vibes

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Hi everybody !

Hija my oldest and most loved is 16.5 yrs old and now she is slimmer for a while... but recently she is even a little more. when we did her some blood tests a couple of years ago everything was perfect.

Because i recently had a loss and i am so so cat-hypocondriac i am affraid now that it could be her kidneys or hyperthyroidism

I am so so affraid I had a really really bad and extremely painful experience.
and Hija is the love of my life I have her since she was a baby and she is to blame for my adoration to cats.

SO ... I am going to the vet in the evening to make her blood tests...
The bad thing is that because is a rural area and the blood is actually sent to the microbiologist of the island... i have to wait 24hrs. ... agrrr that is what i call agony.

I was thinking about this for a long time now because she is so old and having her taking blood tests is not a nice experience and i did not wanted to trouble her... but this morning she threw up the food she ate and her poop was very soft (not diahreea but soft). It could have been that specific food because it was the first time i bought it (I always buy her treats in different flavors) It was whiskas beef with gravy in an envelope

So i hope it was just the food that was heavy for her stomach... for treats now we are back to Sheba (she loves chicken, tuna and sea fruit cocktail)

Beside that she walks fine, goes to the litter box fine drinks water and eats well...she loves the smell of grilled chicken so she is always asking for that as well and she gets some of course. She loves to sleep near the heater..

Well.. so I just need some luck and good vibes and that Hija will really cooperate this evening and that we wont trouble her a lot.

Thanks !

ps - here is her picture !
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Sending good vibes your way... hope all turns out ok
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Sending lots of healing vibes!
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just came back from the vet... she had a little blood in each leg... she was relatively easy and now that this is done i feel is the right thing to do.... now i just need to pray and hope the vet tells me she is just old...

good night !
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Hoping it was just the new pouch food and Hija will be ok.
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Sending more vibes for Hija!
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she's beautiful! i will pray for her!
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things do not look good... from the first look she has 40000 whice cell count ..
the vet said there are a few options for that... i know the worse and the best (cancer or an infection)
does anyone knows what else could that be?

we are still waiting for all the other tests from the microbiologist... i'll know in the evening..

please keep your finges closed... i feel so devastated and helpless....
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for you. it is a horrible time waiting for results. i hope and pray that hija will be ok.
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Sending lots of ...
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Tons of calming & healing for Hija!! Hope everything is going to be okay
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hello again !

first thank you all for all the vibes and thoughts...

well i just called the vet, he had the results, the exact whice cell count was 32000
he said the creatine is 2.1
and the urine was high.. dont remember the number
but in his opinion it is an infection so he gave me antibiotics, synulox 50mg twice a day for 10 days and renal prescription food from eukanuba

she was not so excited about the food... any other suggestions, is there any non-prescription food i can give her.. cats do not seem to like those...

tomorrow i will go to his office and get the numbers, i was thinking if i can post them maybe someone can help me ... i will also fax them to a vet in athens to see his opinion.

Sorry for the silly question, so this means that this is a CRF?

Well... I will keep you informed.


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Is the food he gave you canned or dry? I would suggest looking at this site--it has tons of information:
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Vibes for your beautiful girl
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hi again,

so here are the numbers-

urea ( 40-120 )\t\t\t\t\t 106

creatine ( 0,6 – 1,4 mg/100 ml )\t\t 2,1


ΟΞΑΛΟΞΙΚΗ ΤΡΑΝΣ. SGOT( < 51 U/l )\t\t 28

wbc. ( 4000 – 19000 ) 32.000
ΟΥΔΕΤΕΡΟΦΙΛΑ ( 1300 – 16000 )
ΕΩΣΙΝΟΦΙΛΑ (0 – 2300 )
ΒΑΣΕΩΦΙΛΑ ( 0 - 400 )
LYMPHOCYTES ( 260 – 11400 )
ΜΕΓΑΛΑ ΜΟΝΟΠ. ( 0 - 950 )

hematocryt ( 24 - 45% ) 32.9

hemoglobine ( 8 - 15g /100ml ) 11.5

RBC . ( 5 - 11 εκατ ) 6.57

ΑΙΜΟΠΕΤΑΛΙΑ ( 150 – 400 χιλ.) 137

unfortunately icould not find translations from greek to the other numbers.


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I can figure out a couple of them:

(We usually just refer to these by the abbreviations.)

ΟΥΔΕΤΕΡΟΦΙΛΑ Neutrophils ( 1300 – 16000 )
ΕΩΣΙΝΟΦΙΛΑ=Eosinophils (0 – 2300 )
ΒΑΣΕΩΦΙΛΑ=Basophils ( 0 - 400 )
ΜΕΓΑΛΑ ΜΟΝΟΠ=possibly Monocytes( 0 - 950 )
ΑΙΜΟΠΕΤΑΛΙΑ=possibly platelets ( 150 – 400 χιλ.) 137
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Hello again !

Well these are the numbers, I think I have now all the medical data

URINE - 106

WBC 32.0
RBC 6.6
HGB 11.5
HCT 32.9
MCV 50.1
MCH 17.5
RDW 14.9
PLT 235

Neutrophils ( 1300 – 16000 )
Eosinophils (0 – 2300 )
Basophils ( 0 - 400 )
platelets ( 150 – 400 χιλ.) 137

Her only symptom was weight loss... she is 16.5 .
goes to the litter as usual and always eats with apetite, also drinks water as usual.

Vet said that it should be an infection so she is in antibiotics now for 3 days, SYNULOX, and renal food, eukanuba wet foot, is the only available here, I ordered waltham but should be here next week... she does not like much dry food, so i dont even try.

Can the antibiotics or the change in food cause her diahrrea? i've heard that synulox causes diahrrea... but she never had before, all her life she has pooped hard stuff.

I called the vet in athens (i live in a greek island) and he said that sounds like an infection but it is very difficult to locate their sources and that he do not think that she has bad kidneys because the urea and the creatine are not so bad.

So what do you think based on experience?

she is in great shape and I just want to make sure that is all in my mind.

Thanks again for your help.

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