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Last thursday DH & I took my parents & uncle & aunt to Bubba Gumps Seafood. DH & I had a bucket of trash. Deep fried slipper lobster, Shrimp,Mahi & French Fries. It was yummy!!
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Last night, I went with my Dad to Mancino's and had pizza. I'm snarfing down my leftovers right now, while I type.
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We went to Outback Steakhouse a few weeks ago and I had spicy chicken pasta.
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We went to Applebee's the Saturday before last. I had the Crispy Orange Chicken bowl and potato skins for an appetizer.
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I went to Charcoal Steakhouse today for lunch and my boss paid. I had the most amazing steak with peppercorn sauce with the most amazing mashed potatoes OMG, I want to go back!
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Last week Colin and I grabbed some dinner at our favorite Vietnamese resturant (Siagon II) I think i had one of the chicken hot pots.
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Sunday...I was trying to take out my friend for his birthday, but he and his girlfriend wound up chipping in and would not take "no" for an answer

We went to a local Holihan's.
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My BF and I went out for an early Valentines dinner last Saturday, since he is out of town this week. It's a little place in the lake country near where I live called Modern Food and Spirits. BOY was it good!

It's a bistro-y neighborhood place with great food. Entrees come with soup or salad. I had their Caesar bundles - romaine wrapped in rice paper with shaved romano cheese and homemade dressing. He had their baked potato soup. For dinner - I got chicken breast with portobello mushrooms and a white bean ragout ... had this honey mustard cream sauce to die for.

he got Idaho golden trout crispy pan fried with tomatoes, feta ,olives, pistachios, potatoes.... also yum!

Then we shared an individual chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

We will definitely go back when we want to indulge!!!
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