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Daily Thread Tues Feb 12th!

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Good morning cat folks!

It is -18 here again and I am up WAY too early I have to be at the office at 7:30 this morning instead of 9..we are doing some tours today. At least I don't have to sit in the office all day.

My voice still isn't fully back but its making its way back. I still sound like an android

I'm so excited to get home tonight and go to bed so early I tired!

Have a great day folks, and stay warm!
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Were -3 today. Not as cold as you Nat but it ain't flip flop weather

I feel like you Nat. I clock watch in the afternoon because i just want to get home, have a hot bath and get my jammies on to cuddle up with the kitts and watch t.v. The simple things in life
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Good morning Nat and Susan!! I hope you feel better soon Natalie

Our temp says -21 here right now I'm going to try and stay inside as much as possible today. Were also supposed to get 10cm of snow by the end of the day. It's not going to be a fun drive to work tonight

Stay warm everyone!
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Morning cats. It's pretty cold here too. Right now we are at -15*C (+5*F). This morning I finally did something that I wanted to do for a while. I bought 9 solo albums released by one of the greatest pianist around today: Jordan Rudess.
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It was 39 on my way into work this morning. I thought it was cold but now, looking at where you guys are, I'm reconsidering! Have a good day!
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Morning All!

Frigid temps here as well this morning -28 but at least it's sunny.

Heading off to work in a bit, today is a short day for me and I hope to be finished up by two.

Not much planned for afterwards, have to go to the drugstore and pet store then just home I guess.

The kitties are being bratty this morning getting into stuff and misbehaving.

Everyone have a good one
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ehhh we just moved to missiuri and this is our first snow
When i lived in texas 65 was almost unknown
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Snow, Sleet & Rain for today. I was surprised to see the flurries this morning. Benson just loves watching them fall. Cello is already begging to go outside.

Mom's walking without the walker and stopped taking the pain pills.

DH is at training all week but lucky it's only 10 blocks from work. NO traveling this time which he is disappointed in. He really wants to go back to Chicago.

I think I am going to steal Susan's idea and take a hot bath & curl up with the kitties and the end of my book today.
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Its snowing lightly here but we aren't supposed to get very much an inch or two at most.
Warmer though than the last few days at 11 F (-12C) with windchill at zero.

Speaking of windchill I think I might be getting a cold. Had runny nose start yesterday afternoon and I am cold which is not normal for me!! Rats!!

Stopped at cat rescue and picked up a HUGH box of blankets to cut and sew into smaller ones-I must have 15 or so (get the pun!!) Gave them my freecycle bag of office stuff and she was going to buy some of that stuff yesterday so good timing!!

Having stuffed shells and salad for dinner-somethng pretty easy and not too much effort.

Continuing to knit another scarf this one is a little tricky as the yarn is kinda fussy.
Bobber sure likes to watch and try to play with the yarn though.

One again an exciting day for me.......have a good day!
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well it's -19 here and i'm just about to go to my grandparents for lunch. They look forward to me going just to visit with them. I think they get lonely in the winter most of all because people don't just drop in.
And I'm organizing a valentines day craft for my troop of Girl Guide - Sparks. SO i'll be bussy this evening.
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Well, it is 45 F here at 9:15 PST. It is going to be sunny and 70 F today. I am off to aquafit in the outdoor pool at my club.

I got all the goodies ready to send to our daughter at college in the Finger Lakes area of NY. Yeah!
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It is warming up a bit It is only -9c right now, with the wind chill it feels like -18c. It is cold in my house today though.

I have nothing to do today. I don't have to work, but my boyfriend works from 9:30am-9pm today. I am probably just going to clean and put laundry away.
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It's really cold here today- we have a winter weather advisory.

I've been working on our wedding invitations all day today with Colin (we're both off work). If i have to do another one i swear i'm going to kill something

We spent the rest of the afternoon teaching the cats how to use their new kitty door to get in and out of the laundry room where their litter and food is. Jasmine thinks it's grand fun to start peeing on things in the new house so she's back in the cage until further notice (health issues have been ruled out...this is behaviorial and this could NOT happen at a worse time right now)

Nothing too exciting going on here today.
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I'm home...thinking warm thoughts about fixing some hot cocoa.

Actually I better go wake up B. He's been sleeping since before I came home. Must have been a while too...all the cats were super excited to see me.
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