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Vomiting, Constipated... Intestinal Blockage???

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I need a bit of a second opinion. I am very wary of vets in my neighborhood and was hoping I could get some alternatives / options with my sick kitty.

Thunder, our 5 year old indoor norwegian forest cat, has recently started to vomit up all his food. He can't seem to keep anything down. From what we can tell his is also becoming constipated, and hasn't been peeing all that much.

We brought him to our vet today. She said he seemed totally healthy and didn't show any signs of being sick at all. She wanted to take x-rays and do blood work on him, but we thought we'd try a less drastic approach first. She gave him some sort of anti-nausea / laxative shot, and the same thing in pill-form, i think it's called Apo-Metoclop.

She told us to take him home and try to get him to drink some canned tuna water mixed with water and see if he could keep it down. He wasn't able to.

He's been sleeping and seeking our attention for a good scratch, especially on his face. He's purring and seeking much more attention than usual.

We're going to bring him back to the vet tomorrow, but before we go spending all of our money, we were wondering if anyone's experienced similar and might have something else we could try.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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If he's constipated, he could have megacolon. If the constipation is bad enough to cause vomiting, he probably needs some intensive enema therapy, possibly even surgery to correct the problem.

If the cat vomits one more time, I'd have him back to the vet by the end of the day for x-rays.
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if he keeps vomiting, then there probably no food in his stomach and also got a bit hydrated as well. cats vomiting can be normal however if he vomit out blood , then it will probably be something serious. FeLV and FIV both can cause cats vomit. however most common is that your cat may have swollen something that weird and she/ her body tries to get rid of it. doing blood test will tell you whether she got any disease and x-ray will tell you whether she have swollen something. i suggest you go and check out your house. Check whether there is anything small missing in your house,such as bits of slippers, especially anything made with plastic since those things are hard to detect with x-ray.
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I think the vet was right to suggest x-rays and testing. I'd take the cat back and have the necessary tests done.
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My Jordan has had some health problems lately and it all started with constipation. It would not be suprising for a long haired cat to be costipated and need an enima. I would start with x-rays to make sure he's not so backed up it's making him sick. I know it's expensive (boy do I know) but if he's sick you want to catch it early. Also, if he is on Metocopromide (SP?) and continues to throw up he needs a vet ASPA. Jordan has chronic constipation problems and he is on that. It has helped him, but the vet said that if he ever throws up despite the Meto. to stop giving it to him because if he had a blockage it can do damage to his GI tract.
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I would get the Xrays too.
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Ohhh! Poor baby! My Fatty deals with that all the time...Not as much as before...but we give him Tonic-Lax, it's a molasses-like substance that helps move hairballs thru the intestinal system. It seems to help!

Best of luck with your guy...hope everything turns out good!
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So we've been giving him the pills and it seems to be working.

He went to pee today and has been drinking alot more of the tuna juice / water mix, and keeping it down.In fact he hasn't thrown up since yesterday afternoon, almost 24 hours now.

He seems really hungry but doesn't want to eat the wet version of his food that the vet gave us. He'll eat the dry food but I've only given him a few kibbles because I'm worried he won't be able to keep it down. I tried mixing in some dry food with wet, but he's not interested in that either.

Do you think it's safe to feed him the kibbles
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I would give kitty anything he's willing to eat as it sounds like he's not keeping down enough. Hafta watch for hepatic lipidosis in kitties not getting food.

Does he only vomit right after he eats? Sharky had some good advice about that on another thread, the suggestion was to elevate the food bowl a bit so kitty has to eat slower...
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my Bebe has the exact same problem as thundercat's and the vet did bloodwork and X-rays, and her intestines are all backed up, which is causing her to throw up undigested food
so we had to keep her inside for 5 days and not let her eat or drink for 24 hours, then give her about a tablespoon of food 3 times a day. the vet also said to give her one quarter of a Pepcid tablet once a day, and that helped. we also had to check her litter box every day to make sure she was actually going.

she was fine for about 2 weeks and just started puking again. were starting the Pepcid again, and i'm going to try the elevation, because she does eat way to fast, and it makes sense that that would cause her food to not digest.

hope this helps!
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