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Whinging cat

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I have a 2 year old female cat (spayed) who is forever whining and whinging and it drives me nuts sometimes.

Its like she wants something.... but i dont speak cat so i duno what she wants....i try food, water, love, hugs, scratchies....but nope

maybe she wants 2 get out ... but she is an indoor cat *sigh*

She does a funny male cat thing with standing up against things and does a tail spasm like males do when spraying ...why does she do this? does she think she is a male cat???

anyway does anyone have a female cat that whines and does the male spraying move?
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Some cats are more vocal and crave more attention than others. Your female may be one of those cats.
About the spraying stance, is she the boss cat in the house? My alpha female who is spayed, does it sometimes too.
But do not rule out the health issue also. When was her last checkup?
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She had a check up about 3 months ago.

She has always been really vocal but this is just like i duno she just stands looking at me or wandering around whining.

She is the dominant cat of the house ... the 2 boys are a few mnths younger than her and very docile compared to her.

She was a stray cat that i rescued when she was about 4 -5 weeks old and she seems to have underlying feral .... always wants to go out....always looking out of the window meowing....doesnt like to be handled much....does her own thing

i dont mind this but sometimes she just goes on and on and on and on and on.... u get the idea...and i wana just shut her in a room where i cant hear her

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Originally Posted by fefe76 View Post

i dont mind this but sometimes she just goes on and on and on and on and on.... u get the idea...and i wana just shut her in a room where i cant hear her

I suggest ear plugs then.
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Do you spend time playing with her, with toys, etc.? Sometimes that will help so she doesn't just 'hang around', but has an agenda!
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My Rosie's very vocal but i'm used to it now, but sometimes i wonder if it's because she's bored because as soon as i start playing with her and the feather wands she's fine
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she doesnt like toys and doesnt really like playing with things except plastic bags !

she like scrunched up balls of paper so i throw her those all day long but she plays for a while and then isnt interested

she isnt very interactive in playful type

the only time u can really get her and pet her etc is when she is sleeping .... even then she shows her annoyance by lashing her tail around

i guess she has character but i just feel like i am not doing something and she wants something and i duno what it is even tho i know she gets attention...plenty of food, water, company etc
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You'll have to start having conversations with her like i do with Rosie When she meows talk back to her and i bet she answers you back

I usually ask Rosie how her day was, then she'll meow back, and i ask what did she do next?, and she'll answer back again. We can do that for a good 15 minutes
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Don't ever get a Siamese or Oriental whatever you do, my new boy doesn't stop to draw breath! Some cats are just more talkative than others, although if it is a new behaviour then I would be concerned that something may be wrong, and like any behaviour change a vet check would be a good idea. Just try to give her plenty of attention if there's no health problem.

Female cats can also spray it's not just a male thing, but if she's not actually spraying any urine, then it's just excitement, a way of saying 'I am SO happy to see you' - one of the cats in my neighbourhood always greets me with a vibrating tail, but isn't actually spraying anything.
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lol yes cleo and i do "talk" :o)

she is a funny lil thing.... she is not very loving but is very loving IYKWIM

crazy lil mini she is so small as well heehee

anyway i guess when i find out what it is she wants i will let u know!
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