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I am Moving. Need advice.

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I am reposting this since no one has responded to my post.

I am moving in a couple of months. I would like to make it as easy on my cats as I can. I have a 4 year old DSH. She has been moved before. She gets really freaked out. I also have two Siamese one 6 months and one 4 months. The younger one when she came to live with me she was fine. The older one he hid for 3 weeks. I know they are going to be freaked but I would like to keep them as calm as I can. I'm just moving next door. Right now I live in a house that is an upstairs/downstairs house. With another family downstairs. My mother-in-law is downstairs. They can all access the downstairs but most of the time do not. When I move I will have one floor and no one else there but my husband and daughter. Any advice would be nice. I want to make it easy on them.
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My Sateycat has been moved 3 times, not including the first move to my home when he was a kitten. The only thing that freaked him out was the car ride to the new homes.

I suggest keeping your cats in your old home until you have all your furniture moved into the new home so that they will have some recognizable smells and therefore will feel more comfortable. Your skittish cat may hide out for a bit, but soon enough she will be snooping all over the new house. There are so many things and new smells for a cat to discover, curiosity always gets the best of them.

Good luck, and keep us posted on how it goes!
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You will also find lots of tips in these threads:


Let us know how it's going and if you have any more questions - we're here!

I'll be removing your other thread to prevent cross posting.
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Thank you so much for the info

It will come in handy.
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Just went through the moving thing 2 weeks ago. I think a certain amount of freaking is to be expected, as cats hate change. I put mine in one empty room so they couldn't escape or get underfoot while the moving was going on. Then I brought them over last.

Joey adapted in a heartbeat. Squirt got freaked out by the ceiling fans. He spent the entire first day and most of the night curled up on the kitchen counter, meowing. Around 4 a.m. he felt safe enough to find his way into the bedroom. He was pretty jumpy for a couple of days, but he settled down nicely.

Don't worry. They should be fine.
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Thank you for reasurring me they will be ok. I will be moving in August. I was just so scared that they would not like their new home.
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Mine actually seem happier now that the initial shock is over. It's like they enjoy new stuff to explore.
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