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It's Damita....again.

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She's limping, lethargic, throwing up yellow/green liquid, and greasy.

I'm not sure what to make of the limping. Her paw never got to be 100% again. She'll hold it up when she sits, & limp somewhat. When she grabs hold of my arm as I'm holding her, she uses her "good paw" more & her "bad paw" basically not at all.

Dad commented she threw up this AM, normal for her. But, she just threw up twice tonight. Twice in one day, that's still OK. But twice in 5 minutes, not OK.....esp. since that's at least 3xs today.

She's been not eating wet food for a few weeks now, figure she was just bored with the same old food.

But tonight....I noticed she's going to the exact same spot to lay - under the footstool, right by the heat vent, tight against the wall. Her coat has gotten slightly greasy, like she's not grooming herslef 100%.

She did go potty tonight, I watched her. She's drinking & eating dry food normally.

Still....I can't help but wonder what could be wrong now. She's on the Pred still, we're down to 1 pill every other day, day after tomorrow we go to 1/2 pill every other day.

I'd like to take her temp but can't manage a thermometer in her bum by myself. Calling the vet tomorrow AM, praying he can get us in tomorrow afternoon. I'm very about my Damita.
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Awww I'm so sorry. I'm sending a ton of get well vibes, she'll be in my thoughts tonight.
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Oh that just stinks!! I so hope she gets better soon! After the paw things it just stinks that she wouldn't feel good! I can always tell when my Kitties have fevers by either having them lay on me or holding my hand on their heads... (I normally end up taking the temp the ol fashion way just to make sure Im right though)

I hope everything goes well! Good
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I'm hopeful it's just a bacterial infection. She's in her kitty bed now in the window, which is cold....leaks so of the frigid outside air. I'm wondering if she's just got a "kitty flu" going on. OK, I'm hoping.

On the downside, when I gave her a hug, she smelled like barf.
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Yucky, the puke smell!! Oh goodness I hope its just the kitty flu too!!
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Awww Nat lot's of healthy heading Damitas way, poor baby I hope they can see you both today
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Oh you really don'r need this on top of everything else. I do hope you can sort her out quickly.
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Poor little girl! Sending lots of healing vibes her way!
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More vibes for Damita!
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Many vibes for Damita Nat for you!
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Crossed fingers it's nothing serious, Natalie. I know she's been through enough, and you love her to pieces...
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I got her temp last night. I also got bit & scratched, so she can't be feeling that bad. She sank her teeth in good! She had a temp last night of 105. This AM, it's 103.

I'm not sure how it managed to jump so far. I called the vet, they speculate it's from sitting in the cold window & told me to keep her from doing that. Have they ever tried to stop a cat from doing what it wants?! Her paw....they're going to talk to the vet & then get back to me.
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Awww, sending lots of vibes for Damita.
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for Damita to feel better soon!!!
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Aw...poor Damita. Sending lots of feel better vibes!
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Nerve damage is probably permanent or long term. Meaning, she'll furr-ever have a limp. Just what this kitty deserves.
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Healing vibes for the dear girl

Careful, you're gonna be full of holes between Damita and Bea :-)
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I know. My cats bite, literally. Bea didn't punch through the skin....Damita was fighting for her life(she thought it was in danger, apparently). She bit....and hard.\\

I got attacked by my blind cat.
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Aw, poor Damita, and poor you! I hope she feels better soon!
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I hope your sweet girl feels better soon
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I'm just thankful she's alive.....seems like we've lost quite a few TCS kitties as of late. I count my blessings she's still a part of my life.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I'm just thankful she's alive.....seems like we've lost quite a few TCS kitties as of late. I count my blessings she's still a part of my life.
Re: her paw...I have nerve damage in my leg, and while it has not gotten better, you do get used to it and maybe she will begin using her paw more. Once she's well, maybe you could do some "occupational therapy".
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hm. what does your vet say?
I haven't read up on Damita for a little bit...

There is a form of calcivirus that causes a limp. (viral infection of the upper respiratory tract)
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Awwww Nat i'm so sorry The poor baby has enough to contend with without having a constant limp. But, she's loved and that's what counts
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I hope today is better for Damita.
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Did the vet get back to you? What did you find out?

More healing for Damita.
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He said the nerve damage is probably long-term. That she'll always favor the paw/have a slight limp. Her fever is gone completely now, too.
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I am sorry that Damita has to go through more health problems. I wish you and her the best so that she recover very fast. As for her leg, if it really is permanent, I'm sure she will get used to it, but I do hope the vet is wrong and it will go away. I've only met once a cat that couldn't use one of his legs. Actually, he had lost one completely after an accident, but I can't remember if it was a front or a rear leg...He was very agile and could climb up the stairs as fast as a lightning! He was also very happy and didn't seem to even remember that he used to have 4 paws.

Everything will be fine, cats are so strong, especially Damita. And with you by her side, I'm sure she will soon recover and live happilly forever!
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