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Ringworm in the eye???

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I think my Eek's ringworm has spread to the eye itself!! Its all around his right eye, and his eye waters and he scratchs it, more like tries to rub on it! He's going to have to go to the vet tomarrow of course...


Sorry about the new thread, but the other one was getting little to no response except for dear Saya!
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Thats so awfull! No one has even lookled... My lil man needs to know if this is a really big issue! Anyone whos been through this share your stories please!!!'

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I'm not certain about getting it on the eyeball, but definitely around the eye area. I caught it from my little man and I have it right under my lower lashes. It's driving me crazy and it's extremely difficult to get medication on it because it's so close to the eye. I had it years ago around my eyes and I lost all my lower lashes! Thank God they grew back!

Hang in there.... keep on top of it. Both my babies are at the groomer today getting shaved!
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Ask your Vet about "Program". It's non prescription, you can buy it online from places like Entirely Pets, etc.

My Vets have all agreed that this works to get rid of ringworm, even though it is intended to control fleas. Of course you must be sure you're dealing with ringworm and not mange.

The treatment protocol you're using now doesn't seem very effective and it's obviously frustrating you.
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Frusturated! OH YEAH!! Thats me all over! I wanna get rid of this stuff. I dont want my kids to get it, and I really didn't want BooBoo to get it but thats too late now. His I handled differently because he's older, but I can't do the same thing with the kittens! Im pretty sure the conofite isn't touching the stuff, and I can't really put in on his eye... Eek has it right above and below his eyeball, and I swear to godd if shaving them will help Im there!! Im also using paragaurd shampoo, the kitties all get bathed every other day and washed twice with it at that time!
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well clearly you'll need an oral medication now if it's in the eyeball.

however, I'm pretty sure you can't actually get it on the eyeball, ringworm only gets on the actual skin tissue and therefore can't get in the sinuses or anything with a mucus lining either.
Most likely it's on the inside of the eyelid itself, course that means you'll need an oral med anyway...

Griseofulvin, or Itraconazole. The latter is supposed to be easier on kitty... I understand there is also a vaccine now?
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DO NOT put Conofite or any anti-fungal cream near the eye!

Ringworm can't get into his eye. It could be an eye infection, or maybe he scratched his eye scratching the ringworm. I suggest getting it vet checked.

Tell your vet you demand oral medication for your kitties. Topical creams & shampoos won't work....not as bad as your kitties have it.
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Thanks gals! You know I love ya for all the help!! I have stopped putting conofite around that area because well... I think it got in his eye! He also has a red line in the whites of his eye which I understand is a vein (thats what the vet said!) So I will get the oral, and stop with the other! I wish I could do for him what I did for BooBoo, but I can't because of its location! BooBoo's healed up in no time!
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poor eek...

hang in there buddy
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