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Mystery Illness? @_@

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Pirate is an adorable four-month-old domestic short hair who is filled with cuddly goodness. He's a black and tan tabby with a striped back, swirled sides and spots on his belly.

So my precious kitty has apparently contracted a mystery illness. It's filled with generic symptoms that don't seem to be responding to antibiotics - not completely, anyway - and my vets are stumped and at a loss and told me that they are "afraid" that they are "fighting a losing battle".

This makes me sad.

So I figured I'd see if anyone else had a kitty with these problems!

He's had a high fever since Tuesday. From Tuesday to about Thursday night it ranged from 104.5 to 105.5; on Friday it began ranging from about 103.5 to 104.5.

He was started on Clavamox Wednesday morning after seeing the vet, with symptoms of lethargy and lack of appetite, and has been treated with subcutaneous fluids and eating the Hill's prescription diet. He is more than happy to eat but doesn't seem to eat very MUCH; he goes after the wet food with gusto, but finishes maybe a quarter/three eighths of a can a day?

On Friday he was extra-lethargic though his fever had gone down a degree in range. On Saturday he seemed a bit perkier, but uveitis appeared in his right eye (the fluid in his eye became cloudy in the bottom part and is reddish in color), and his left front leg stopped responding for about a minute; the kitty dragged it around mewling pitifully (it was stiff and unresponsive) before it just started working again randomly. We decided to stop the Clavamox and start Clindamycin, though my vet was once again talking about FIP.

His bloodwork came back negative for everything that they normally test for (leukemia, FIP, toxo-something...), which is leaving everyone stumped. One vet is still thinking FIP though his antibodies to the corona virus are zero. The other is just plain confused.

Today, I went in to get his eye checked again (after gruesome tales of blindness and not hurrying to get eyedrops causing pain and other crazy tales) only to be told that, silly worried mama, it's not that kind of eye problem and the antibiotic is supposed to take care of it. Then I was told that they were not sure what was going on but they were extremely worried for him, and that they were adopting a "watch and wait" attitude for the short-term. They didn't mention anything for long-term, but did say that this was a highly unusual case.

*sighs.* Does anyone have a single solitary clue? I was told all his symptoms were fairly generic in nature and could be attributed to all sorts of things, and that randomly testing was not really a good option (financially, either).

As it is I think I've spent over $350 on the baby and it's only going to go up until he gets better. =[ Though any amount of money is fine and any amount of debt is okay as long as he DOES get better!

Meanwhile prayers of health and well-being are appreciated by his nibs and his mama too.
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Just give your baby lots of TLC and fluids... my baby recently spiked a fever of 107, so your kiddo is doing OK. Fevers are usually a good thing, they help the body fight infection, so let it run its course, and hope its not FIP. I've had nightmares since my baby had her high fever (even though she's happy and healthy now), so I feel your pain and I'll keep my fingers crossed!
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My previous kitty passed away of FIP, so I really don't ever want to go through that again. Oh no, never. But so far, it's good that he's negative for FIP (thank God!), but... meanwhile, I just have to wait.

And now, of course, he's staring at me like "why do you bother with the internet when you could be snuggling with me?"
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I hope he will be ok.
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This is a long shot, but do your vets know about this? I have had cats for 35 years and have a medical degree and was unaware of this. I just came across it in a rescue cat. Look at the photos of the cat's eyes at the bottom of the article.

I hope your little one gets better soon.
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I have no idea but I will print it out for sure and bring it up at the next visit. Worst case scenario is that they are fully aware, right?
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have the checked for giardia and coccidia??
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I hope they figure out whats wrong, and that its not FIP!

I wouldn't know what to tell you it could be! Does he have any open wounds or anything?? Human diseases are what I keep thinking of because of the paw.... meningitis, stroke, and staph negative! Or maybe its a kitty cold that is just hard to treat, yeah, Ill cross my fingers for that one! I wouldn't think it could possibly be FIP if his titers were 0.... So Im stumped right along with them, maybe you could try pm'ing Misskiwi67, she got some training that could help....
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Aww... I know it's frustrating when they don't know what' wrong. I'm sending hugs and prayers your way Please keep us posted.
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Is your kitty on L-Lysine at all? I would guess that the vets would have a clue if it was feline herpes, but my Jordan has F.H. He has had a couple of bad flare ups. So he know gets L-Lysine daily to help prevent them. I do not know what dosage your baby would take, but it's worth asking about.
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Kitty has zero open wounds and is otherwise in great shape - besides having lost weight since the fever and well, having a fever and a weird eye.

I believe he was tested for feline herpes during the bloodwork, but they didn't specify everything he was tested for, so I will be sure to ask. My normal vet should be calling me back sometime today, though. I just hope I don't have to take him in AGAIN... I swear it stresses him out more (though he does LOVE the attention he gets there).

Update: His uveitis spread to his other eye this morning. D: D: D:
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*sighs* Update as of Wednesday night-

Kitty has a fever of 104.2 (so it doesn't seem like it's going down...) and is still semi-active and still very sleepy. He meows for food and is drinking/eating actively but still doesn't eat the normal amount per day; perhaps half of that? He does seem hydrated though.

Uveitis as stated before has meandered to the other eye as well. Paranoia and/or good sense is saying his eyes are a little darker but hell, fluorescent lighting and lots of stress/worry could be what's really doing it for me.

Still on Clavamox and Clindamycin.

Totally and utterly clueless. I can't find anything that matches his symptoms. I'm worried.

I joke and talk about how happy I am that he's awake more often and actively asking for food & the like, but if this doesn't go away, I'm not sure what to do.

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Hi - Not sure how many different vets you have tried, but keep on trying... sometimes one vet will know something that another vet may not.

Poor baby... at least he is eating and drinking; that's always good.
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Yeah going to see about another vet, just to see if someone else has a clue as to what's wrong with the baby Currently in the process of figuring out who, though.
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I hope you find out whats wrong with your kitty.
I have just been thro it with mine,and altho she is much better i still have no answers.
If you read my post (im back)in the health and nutricion forum,you can see that her back leg went funny,her eyes had blood in them,and she did have a high temperature.
All her test came back negative apart from a slight fip possibility.
They are guessing it was the inhalation of a cleaning product(altho at a distance)that caused her problems.
Is it possible that your cat may have had a similar experience?
sending you both hugs a vibes
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If your vets can't figure out what the problem is, would it be possible for them to refer you to a veterinary college to see a specialist? We had an experience with an unknown heart condition and they sent us to Michigan State and the Dr. there knew exactly what the problem was within an hour.

I hope everything turns out okay!
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They can refer me to a specialist, but I have no money to see him at the moment. *sighs.* I'm just at a loss. He's doing better, but his fever is back.

I hate all of this!
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Have you tried talking to your vet about your financial situation? Maybe they can work out a payment plan for you. Also, try CareCredit if you think that could be an option that might help your situation. CareCredit gives loans for medical treatment, both human and animal.
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My vets are very understanding about my financial situation; it's the specialists that need money up front.

I do have care credit, actually, for my dentist. But my vets do not take care credit at all. =/
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