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Want to see my ultrasound pictures???

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My appointment today went great!! The doctor was having trouble with the doppler so we got a bonus ultrasound!! He said everything was going great and that "the baby was huge!". That explains why I've ate like a cow for the past month and only gained 5 oz. Not to mention the fact that I already have a little baby belly.

This is from my appointment at 9weeks:

And this is the one from today at 13weeks 3days:

We're SO excited!!!

The ultrasound to find out the gender is scheduled for April 1st! I can't wait to find out so I can start the nursery!!

Thanks so much for all the calming vibes this weekend!!
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Aww! I'm so excited for you and Josh!!!!
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Awww, that's so exciting!
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Awwww! That is cute. Normally I can't see the baby in ultrasound pictures but I can in the second picture.
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Isn't it wonderfull to watch them growing on ultra sound!! I just love it!! You're getting so close to being able to feel baby move too! That's what I miss the most! Oh and when you get big as a house you can set your plate of food on your belly! THAT ROCKS!! It also served as a great hand rest!! I miss the belly!! Im glad things are going well for you!!!
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Awww!!! Congratulations!!
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What a beautiful little baby! Though, don't you think April 1st is a bad day to ask about something like the baby's sex? How can you ever be sure they're not playing an April Fool's joke on you?
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Awww that's so sweet! I remember the feeling of getting to "see" them for the first exciting! Glad he/she is growing so well too
I agree, feeling the baby move is the most awesome feeling!!
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Congrats! And I love the pictures, they are great!
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Congrats!! I love sono pics!
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That`s amazing! I never used to be able to make out much on ultrasounds but your baby is so clear!

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Thank you all so much!!

Yes, we do think its kinda scary to find out the sex on April fools day....but it'll make a funny story for the baby book!
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That's great, congratulations
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awww how exciting!!!
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Awwww! I love ultrasounds, congratulations

Will you have the opportunity to have a 4D ultrasound done? I have a friend that just had one done & its unreal the detail & how amazing it is
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So sweet. Isn't it amazing to see the details get clearer?
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OH my goodness, you're having TV interferance!! Funny how you can never see these things until you've had kids of your own though eh? I remember my first scan- we turned the pictures around and around for a long time before we could see anything much, a bit like one of those funny Magic-eye pictures!! You let your focus slip slightly and then all of a sudden there it is, a baby in a clear picture!

Congratulations hun!! Keep the pictures coming!
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How exciting & wonderful!! Congratulations again & again!!
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Wow, those pics are so cool!! You guys must be
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aww! how exciting
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Awww, how cute. Congratulations.
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I am so happy for you and Josh, I will be excited all that day, just waiting to find out what ya'll are having.
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Congrats! I bet you're so excited!
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