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Great News About Bentley!

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Hey Ya'll ,


I know you are all upset for my giving up on him , but I could not do it . I got him back today . My heart ached for having done that , believe me !

He's lost weight and his coat is it tatters , which I'm very disappointed about . But , he's home and is VERY happy . He looked at me in the shelter and just went banannas !!!!! He was kissing and snuggling me and it's like he knew that I'd come back . I just could NOT do it. I could not give up !

Sorry that I upset ya'll . But he's home , safe and well loved and we will get the situation in hand , I PROMISE !!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the back before . *S*

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Rebecca, I'm not sure what's up because I didn't participate in the original problems. I just went back and read through a number of posts, but it seemed like the problems had been solved, last posts I read. I must have missed something!

I'm glad you're trying again! He sounds like a real character, and I hope you get to really enjoy Bentley.

We have three feral rescues living with us. We had problems with the scratching until I read this interesting information. I'm pretty sure it was in "The Body Language and Emotion of Cats." (By Myrna M. Milani, D.V.M.)

She explained that when cats sharpen their claws, they perform two different functions - one is to sharpen the claw, and on is to help remove the sheath that sheds. They need two different types of scratching posts for this - one that is hard (like wood - usually recommend Sisal posts for that), and one that is of a loose type fabric (like our chairs!!!). We sprayed the chairs with lemon smell and put on double-sided sticky tape until the cats got used to using the carpeted post we bought them IN ADDITION to the Sisal post. Now they use the posts. :tounge2:

But it did take time and patience!!!!

Also, I have severe allergies to cats and now have asthma (probably from smoking and growing up with second-hand smoke). I don't know about the medicine conflict you mentioned, but that can be discussed with your Doctor. I take Zyrtec-D, I have a prescription steroid cream for when I get hives on my arms, I have a prescription nasal steroid that I take twice a day (Flonase), and I have an albuterol inhaler, which I use three times a day as per the prescription, and don't seem to need it otherwise.

We give our cats baths once a month, and wipe them down every night with the bath wipes they sell for pets. It really does help keep the dander down.

Because he had worms before, please take a stool sample to the Vet ASAP. Because he had fleas, you should consider buying a flea collar to cut up and put in your vaccuum cleaner bag. DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR CAT. They are very dangerous to a cats' health - many have allergic reactions that actually cause their death. !!! If Bentley has had a flea bath, he should be free of fleas - but if he had them before, the larvae might be in your home. You should discuss with the Vet using a dose of Advantage on both cats (it is sold through the Vet, not in a supermarket) to ensure that there's no return of the fleas (did your other cat get them from Bentley?) - but I don't know if he needs the treatment if he's recently had a flea bath (which is why you should discuss it with your vet).

As you already know, we're here for advice in the Behavior and Health forums, and for moral support here in the Lounge.


Hope it goes well this time for both of you!!!!!
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Rebecca, I'm so happy he's back with you. He obviously loves you very much, and I'm so glad you're willing to give him a third, fourth, millionth chance. I bet your heart just lept at his reaction to you at the shelter. I know I got teary just reading it, let alone you being there!

If he continues peeing outside the litterbox, and you are sure that it's nothing physical, perhaps you could consult with a behaviorist? Vets don't have that much training for behavior problems, so many times they just don't know how to help you. Ask your vet if s/he can recommend a behaviorist to work with Bentley, and find out the underlying problem he has.

Rebecca, I understood your reasons for taking him back, and I'm sorry I couldn't find any words to say to you at that time. I just honestly didn't know what to say. I am so happy that you changed your mind about him though!!!
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I just wanted to add to what Heidi said - I'll bet you were thrilled when he was so excited to see you!!! I'm so glad he's happy!

I didn't realize the problem was peeing outside the box still. Heidi's right - most Vets know nothing about behavior! Ours admits it. Since you're willing to try, try again (so to speak), finding a behaviorist to work with the two of you sounds like a great idea.
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I am THRILLED to hear you went back and got him!!!! **HUGS** And don't worry...noone here is down on you...(that I know of) and we are all so happy to hear you have him back home with you!!!! Of course he knew his "mommy" would be back to get him...how could you not? You have a kind heart and I hope this all works out for you!!!
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I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for responding .
Bentley is doing great and I went and bought a bunch of products , natural , of course to keep him off the furniture . I also purchased a plastic cover for my daughters bed . Although it's pretty much been ruined . It'll help till I can get a new matress . Those things are EXPENSIVE !

Anyway , YES both Bentley and me were in tears when we saw each other . He's a strange one , he DOES cry . He did the day I took him to the Shelter .I saw tears in his lil eyes, damned near broke my heart . but , he's back , he's running amuck and my daughter was totally delighted to see him back home ! It's amazing how animals can affect us , just amazing.

Ok , I'll cut this short cause ya'll know I'll ramble on and on ! *LOL*

Thanks so much again ,

Rebecca P.
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I'm so pleased to hear that Bentley's home. I'm sure it was heartbreaking for both of you to be separated. I don't want to picture his reaction when he saw you, because I'm sure we'd all be in tears. I am praying that he's home for good and the problem is resolved.
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