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7 month kitten got out and ran off! :(

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so please move it if need be.
Anyway, I have had my 7 month old male kitten Moki since Christmas, he has gone out with either my mom or myself watching him very closely every morning since about January, but last Sunday morning he somehow managed to sneak out and we haven't seen him since! I am EXTREMELY worried, and dont know what to do. I put some dry food out for him and we've asked neighbors and called and called and called for him but no luck.

Any suggestions are more than welcome, Im beginning to feel frantic.

I do have two adult cats that do go out occasionally-
Any chance he could use his nose to find his way back home, if he's lost that is?
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I'm sure someone will be able to offer you some advice. I would think that he wouldn't stray too far from home and would want to return. Was he fixed (neutered)? for his safe return. Have you asked around at your neighbors?
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AH! Its late Monday evening now, and Im beginning to get superr worried, I mean, he hasn't eaten since Saturday night! If anyone has any kitten finding/tracking tips, please, please let me know! I just want my little man to be safe at home!!!

Yes, my mom and I asked a few of our neighbors.
Thank you so much for your support and positivity.

He is fixed and I cannot think of any reason he wouldn't want to come back, he always seemed happiest in someones lap..
Although, the morning he got out he did have a bit of a scare, he pulled a plant onto himself.. that couldn't be why he hasn't come back yet, could it?
-worried SICK-
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I hope he comes back. In Dec 2006 my Sisters Cat Ace got out and she thought he was gone for good. it was the first week of Dec 2006. He came back Jan 22 2007 cut up and dirty but he was ok. She went to the pounds every day and put flyers.
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Good luck. I don't have any experience finding lost cats....but some suggestions that come to mind are: hang signs around the neighborhood, go searching in the really early hours of the morning when it's quiet (take something like a can of tuna to offer her if you do see him so maybe you can catch him), leave food outside by your door (though you run the risk of getting other cats)......I think that, if cats are really scared, they find someplace (like up in a tree, in a shed, under a woodpile, etc) and just stay there, so be sure you have checked all the potential hiding places around the area.
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Try to set up a litterbox outside with your cats pee/poo in it, if not his one with some of your other cats. Your kitten may smell this and come where it smells familiar scents.

A blanket he layed on is good to put out too.

Tuna outside aswell will work, but watch out other cats may come by and eat it.

He probably ran outside and hid for a while, so he could be very close by but out of sight. He then probably got the courage to look around,and may have gotten lost, but if you keep the items with his scent on them and food out 24/7 there is a very good chance he will pass by your house and smell this.

If you can, can you leave a door slightly cracked for him to come in? He may be coming by when your not looking or at night, being he may be very timid outside now.
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I think that usually cats don't mean to run away - but they get away and then realise they can't get back for some reason so they keep looking for comfort. So try all the small spaces in your area -drains and gutters in the streets especially! Look in all the little spaces where you think a kitten would want to explore... there are probably a lot.

I'm going to share a story of my beautiful cat who escaped from my house back in 2002. Hopefully it'll give you some hope if kitty doesn't turn up ( I believe he will though, I'll be thinking of you)
I had a beautiful cat for about 2 years... we moved house, and he got out and tried to get home to our old house. It's a good half hour drive away.
We spent years looking for Toffee, we couldn't find him anywhere.
Then, in 2005, 2 or 3 years later, we saw a "found cat" poster outside a pet store in the suburb where we used to live... We called them up and visited him, and it was Toffee. We took him home with us and he lived happily for a while... but then got out again. We were distraught. 2 years later again, mid-2007, I was out walking to my friend's house, he lived around the corner from the house I lived at when we got Toffee. I saw Toffee. He was living with a family who lived just near where we used to.
It was the most amazing feeling. They said that he looked lost and they took him in, and I visit him sometimes. He was really happy there so I didn't want to take him home with me... Obviously he just liked the area. But the amazing thing was that even though I hadn't seen him much for 4 years or so, he came to me, meowing, wanting to be picked up and cuddled... He won't go near anyone else

Anyway, sorry if that was selfish to share that story, i just thought I'd give you some hope that a cat getting away doesn't mean "it's scared" or "it's dead".
Sometimes they know what they're doing I think.

I hope your kitty comes home safe and sound
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Toffee is an inspiration. I lost 2 cats in 2 weeks back in May of 2007. I am not sure what happened to the first cat, I suspected hit by a car. The other cat however, is a complete mystery.

I put up signs, went door to door, did everything, I could think... ad in local paper... ad in Washington Post, I checked all the rescue groups, the shelters for 3 counties around. I did litterally EVERY thing.

I still haven't found my lovely Lexi, although a cat looking just
like her (right down to the bobtail) was found in CA and adopted out
of a shelter there... I always wondered if my cat could have traveled
cross country somehow...

Don't give up hope. go out and call every night. Leave out a kitty buffet for ALL the cats in the hood, if yours is there he will come to eat and maybe even show himself off... eventually you will be able to see him, and then to trap him. Don't rely on him coming to you, he may go into "feral survival mode"... There is some wonderful help on the yahoo group for missing/lost cats. Get on that group and find out what works...

And don't give up hope. Toffe's story hold out hope for me that at least one of my kittens was taken in by a stranger and though I may never find them again, at least I can hope they are well and happy...
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Put out 'stinky food', not just dry food. Rent a hav-a-heart trap and set it out with some of the stinky food inside.

Print up a flier with two good clear pictures of the cat, front and side view. Include relevant information: Age, gender, spay/neuter status, distinguishing marks or scars, area lost, date lost, your contact information, reward if offered. Make sure copies of this flier are posted at all local shelters and veterinary offices. Post them around the area where the cat was lost.

Keep checking in at all local shelters and veterinary offices. If you don't see your flier posted in these places give them another copy.

Get in the habit of taking long walks around your neighborhood. Carry a flashlight and peer into lots of corners and under lots of things while you walk.

Make sure to check any sheds, garages and abandoned cars in your neighborhood. Often they find a hidey-hole close to home and stay there.

Good luck, I hope you find him. If you do, get him microchipped and get him a collar and tag with your name and phone numbers engraved on it, and keep it on him. You might want to consider getting one of his ears tattooed as well.
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Thank all of you so, so, SO much for all the support, stories, tips and overall positivity. I know I was probably overly-worried, but he is my baby! lol

Anyway, just thank you again for everything <333
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Now that he is home, be sure to have him checked out by a vet. If he got into any scuffles with outside animals, he runs the risk of contracting things you dont want passed to your other cats. Also, give him some time to decompress. Put him in his own room away from your other cats. Sit with him and give him time to get back into the swing of things.
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Im so pleased for you that he is home
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How did you find him? Was he hiding nearby? That's what Baby did when she got out, and I didn't find her for hours. Thankfully she's never been gone longer than that; she's such a little door-darter!
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That's great I'm glad you got him back.
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