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If $700 for a cat is off-putting to you, then don't look for a pedigreed kitten and head for a shelter/rescue group instead. You will find many kittens on (and much more during the summer 'kitten season'). A responsible breeder is going to be charging about that much for a kitten (if not, more) and they still aren't making $ off of it. (It's not a business that generates any income if done right). There are also purebred rescue groups, and you can search by breed on Petfinder also. You want to avoid backyard breeders, even though they might be offering kittens for less money.

A responsible breeder is not going to give you a cat if you are going to declaw it. Many contracts with breeders state that you will NOT declaw the cat. Soft Paws are wonderful, but most of the time all that is needed is to trim the claws. I bought Soft Paws for Chloe and haven't had to use them yet.

All pet cats need to be spayed/neutered.