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My Roscoe Needs Prayers

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I've been pulling my hair out for the past few days and came across this wonderful forum. I've been trying to look up so many different things and I think I'm more confused as ever.

I have 2 cats, Roscoe and Kora. Both will be 2 years old on May 3rd of this year. They are from 2 different litters but were raised together. The last few weeks I noticed that Roscoe was acting a little more lethargic. He used to bring me the pop caps from the 20oz bottles of Coke and meow at me till I threw it and then he'd bring them back to me time and time again. But not lately. He's always been a semi-lap cat, but more then usual lately.

I bought a little pop up bed and he sleeps in it almost all the time. He barely touches his food when I put it out. I see him kind of strain to chew (Dry food)when I actually SEE him eat. I've been feeding them Iams dry, various flavors since I got them at about 8 weeks old. As for wet food, I do Friskies in the pouch.

Well, I figured I would take him to the vet just to see if anything was wrong. He felt around, took his temperature, weighed him and the only thing he noticed was that Roscoe had lost 3 lbs since his last appointment, which was way back in March '07. So we decided to take a blood sample and get a profile done and I found out the results today.

He said that Roscoe's liver enzymes were slightly elevated and needed further treatment. In the words of my vet, " His prognosis scares me."

So I'm taking Roscoe to get an abdominal ultrasound on Wednesday, which also happens to be my birthday. So I'm praying for the best birthday present I could ever get. My baby boy back healthy, or at least a direction to go in, to get him back to healthy.

I think I cried for 2 hours during work. I just kept seeing all the cute little kitten pictures I took of him and his sister.

He's not even 2 years old. So If anyone could say some prayers for him, I would appreciate anything.

And I apologize for my first post here being so emotional, but I'm just a wreck and this seemed like the place I want to be with him.

Thank You

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Prayers for your Cat. I hope he will be ok.
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Hi - Welcome to the board.... I am praying for good things for your baby. I hope everything turns out ok. This is a great board and everybody on here is very helpful. It is a wealth of knowledge and support.

Good luck... let us know,
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Sorry to hear about your kitty. Does he like wet food? The more you can get him to eat the better and wet food is very good for them, better in fact than dry food.

Some folks even buy baby food (Stage 2 I believe with no onion or garlic) to stimulate their kitty to eat. Even if you have to feed him a bit at a time with your fingers, that is what you need to do. Once they have liver issues, they lose their appetite and they need food to stimulate the liver so it ends up a Catch-22.

Sending healing vibes to your kitty and hugs to you. Keep us posted on how he is doing.
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You and Roscoe have my prayers and best wishes for a good prognosis.
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Good health vibes and prayers for Roscoe.
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Thank you so much everyone. His ultrasound is tomorrow at 11am. I am a nervous wreck. I just have this feeling I'm not going to come home with him and it's eating me up.

But I'm trying to stay positive and you all are helping that very much. Most of the things I looked up regarding elevated liver enzymes had favorable responses, so I'm really hoping I can nurse him back to health.

I thank you and Roscoe thanks you.

I will post the results tomorrow when I'm able.
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I sure hope he will be ok.
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Sending lots of vibes for Roscoe
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Its extremely important that you keep him eating right now. The below post is excellent advice for you.

Many prayers and vibes for your baby boy.

Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Sorry to hear about your kitty. Does he like wet food? The more you can get him to eat the better and wet food is very good for them, better in fact than dry food.

Some folks even buy baby food (Stage 2 I believe with no onion or garlic) to stimulate their kitty to eat. Even if you have to feed him a bit at a time with your fingers, that is what you need to do. Once they have liver issues, they lose their appetite and they need food to stimulate the liver so it ends up a Catch-22.

Sending healing vibes to your kitty and hugs to you. Keep us posted on how he is doing.
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I tried 2 different wet foods after reading that post: Friskies out of the pouch - Oceanfish flavor and Fancy Feast - Shrimp and Oceanwhitefish.

Basically Roscoe sits by my feet with Kora and looks very interested, but when I put the food down, he mostly just licks up the gravy. I see him eat a few chunks here and there, but I do notice he tilts his head alot when he chews. I'm wondering if he may have a tooth isse where he can't chew without discomfort.

He has about 45 minutes left to eat, then I need to hide the food, since they told me not to feed him anything after 10pm.

He's now back to lying in his little tent. It breaks my heart because I feel I'm not doing enough. I doubt I'll even be able to sleep tonight.

This is so scary, I feel like a total whimp, but he's my buddy and it's breaking my heart.

Gonna give my own for him. Details tomorrow.
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You just want him anything now so gravy is good, too.

Sending more vibes for Roscoe and for you.
Its not being a wimp, its caring for your baby boy
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Sending prayers and vibes for Roscoe. I will be waiting for his results.
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Well, I got the news today. It turns out, Roscoe has a tumor in his intestine and a number of swollen lymph nodes surrounding it. The doctor mentioned it could be one of 2 kinds of cancer, typical in cats, one was Lymphoma, which she said depending how far along it is, has a reasonably high survival rate, with surgury of course, and chemo. I honestly forget the other kind she mentioned. It started with a C, that's all I remember.

I feel like I've done something wrong, but I know I didn't. I went to the specialty office with alot of positivity and belief that I would be able to give him some special food and/or medicine and I could nurse him back to health. Wow, was I wrong, but I'm trying to be strong for him.

I just don't know what to do. As for treatment right now, I opted to get the mass and a lymph node tested to see exactly what kind it is and how serious it is. The doctor said the liver appears to be ok, and that she is just worried about the lymph nodes, due to their size. If I recall correctly, when she showed me the xrays, she mentioned that a normal intestine width is usually around 3cm, Roscoe's was 11cm, which is HUGE. She asured me that at this point, Roscoe is in no pain, but may be feeling a little discomfort due to some fluid build up in his belly.

So now I am back home with him. He pee'd in the carrier on the way home and seemed irritated when I tried to clean him. I did the best I could and he's been laying under my couch ever since. I tried the usual yelling of TREATS!, which even yesterday, he would still come to me for some. This time, he didn't come. I brought the treats to him, and he wouldn't eat them.

I am so heartbroken.Todays my birthday and I don't feel like doing anything but spending time with him, but I know he's stressed from today and would rather be alone.

Anyone ever have an issue like this? I want to do what's best for him and I do NOT want him to suffer. As much as I would like to have him with me forever, I know that it's a very selfish way to look at it. I see all kinds of herbal stuff saying that they help quite a bit, but who knows if that's legit.

I just want what's best for my boy. Thank you all for your prayers. I read them to Roscoe when he was on my lap last night. He's not even 2 years old so this all really caught me by surprise.
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I`m so sorry

There`s no advice I can give as it`s not something I`ve seen before but Roscoe will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope there`s something they can do for him.

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I am so sorry you didn't get better news today, but I think you're doing the best thing to refine the diagnosis before going further, both for yourself and for Roscoe's sake. My only suggestion is to discuss any herbal or alternative treatments with your vet before starting them, just to see what interactions may happen and to keep your vet in the loop.

My prayers are with you and Roscoe.
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I'm hoping and praying for a miracle that Roscoe gets through this ok.
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The day I got him Roscoe and his sister Kora

Roscoe and Kora on their new scratch thingy a few days after I got them home.

Roscoe a few months ago, seemingly perfectly healthy.

No matter what happens Roscoe, I love you forever as my little boy.
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This is so sad. He's still very young! But unfortunately, cancer doesn't really care about that.

It's scary how quickly even an adult cat can go from seemingly healthy to very sick. Not being an experienced cat person, I never realized this until my wife's cat developed a tumor in his bladder and was PTS just a few short months later (but at least he was 13). And sadly I feel like I have read stories like this far too often on this site as well as others. These things just make me appreciate even more the time that I have with my cats, and I hope that others would feel the same.

Sending for both you and Roscoe.
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I'm so sorry for you and Roscoe. It's much harder when they are so young. I had to have one of my kittens put to sleep when he was only 5 months old. It was heartbreaking, and I know how you are feeling right now. I hope you get some better news from the vet, and you are able to treat whatever it is that Roscoe has.
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I'm so sorry... you and your baby are in my thoughts and prayers. The vet did say he wasn't in any pain, and that's the main thing right now. It sounds like you are doing everything right and taking the next steps... just spend time with your baby and keep him comfortable. Hope he will be ok... keep us posted.
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Good luck with Roscoe. I had a similar thing happen to my 7 year old cat in November. I wish I had the ultrasound done the 1st day as by day 3 I had already spent $1000 and my cat hadn't eaten , hadn't drank or gone to the bathroom in 3 days on his own. I felt like I had no choice but to have him PTS. I could not afford any more testing. They were talking thousands for surgery chemo etc. I didn't want to put him through that either. It's heart breaking.

Your cats are so cute. I hope you have a good outcome.
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That also is one of my biggest fears. The financial part. I do have pet insurance that just went into effect 12/2007 and at the time I applied for it, there were no signs of a problem, so I'm wondering if they will even cover anything. Either way, they do a reimbursement, which means I need to pay up front. Which I will find a way to do if I'm given a glimmer of hope for him to be comfortable.

He's been eating very sparingly, I honestly can't say I've seen him go to the bathroom, but I do see him drink and nibble from time to time. And when I break out the Friskies crunchy treats, he still comes and eats a few.

I'm finding it extremely hard to not break down into tears. Just watching tv, I'll hear a sad song or see a little animal and it's just too much sometimes. I still haven't heard from the vet as far as the results from the asperate's that were taken, so I'm trying to remain positive and believe there's a chance. People beat cancer constantly, and I'm going to do my best to make sure Roscoe has the same chance.

Thanks again to all of you for your words of encouragement. Roscoe, Kora and myself thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.
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I am praying for you and your sweet Roscoe!
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Ok so it hit 11am and I still hadn't heard from the vet. I was so scared to make this call, but I called to try and get an update. He was with another patient so he called me back about 15 minutes later.

Basically, the cancer has spread to his liver and surgury isn't an option. He apologized and reasured me many times that there's absolutely nothing inhumane or uncaring about putting him down if that was my choice. I had mentioned to him previously that I felt that doing that was somewhat "giving up" on my part and I didn't want to do that. I did also point point out that I do NOT want Roscoe to suffer at all.

I basically asked him what HE would do in this case. He's known Roscoe since he was 8 weeks old. He mentioned that due to the fact Roscoe is not suffering and in pain, that he would try cortisone shots to see if that would help ease him a bit. They wouldn't cure anything, but they would possibly help him get his appetite back and depending on his reaction, I could give Roscoe another 3 or 6 months, maybe longer of a comfortable life. So needless to say, I'm going to do that. He said there's also a very small percentage of cats that do not take the shots very well, but most perk up to them within 2-3 days. So basically we will know within 2-3 days of the shot if Roscoe will be ok for a bit longer.

I basically woke up this morning, thinking I was going to lose my buddy today. I hope none of you have to go through this much pain.

I asked him if this was a common issue with young male cats and he said no, but yet, he has seen it before. It was more than likely, a genetic issue. So I called my friend, who has Roscoe's sister just to let him know what was going on.

So that's where we stand. Monday I will take him to get his first shot and we will move on from there. So at least I can breathe a little bit now.

So now I'm going to see if Roscoe will eat some of this baby food I bought. Hope it works!
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So sorry your Cat has Cancer.
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I'm so sorry about Roscoe - but he's lucky in having such a loving home, even though you've had him such a short time. You and Roscoe will have my prayers. He's a beautiful boy.
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I am new here at thecatsite.com although I have not read many posts here, your thread has truly made me think about how very short out beloved animals lives are. It that which should make us cherish them with all the love we can give and appreciate the time we have together.

I know sadly there is nothing I can you tell you that things will become better. What I can say honestly to you is that, enjoy the time you have left and keep thse meomories alive They truly make us appreciative of their unconditional love and respect.

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what a devastating blow! i think you'll find the baby food will be a hit... mine all think it's manna from the gods! on their way that you'll be able to keep him around a while longer
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I am so sorry to hear the news isn't more promising, but fingers crossed the shots make him feel more comfortable and buy him some good quality time - this kind of news is never good. Spend as much time as you can with him, spoil him as much as you can and take as many pictures as you can. Letting them go when you have tried everything you can isn't giving up, it is the final act of love and kindness we can give them, to let them go peacefully and painlessly, with dignity. I hope you have a while before that happens though.
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