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New kitten stuff

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Hi All, New here. I lost my 19 year old tortie in March and my 12 year old dsh in December. It was quite lonely and quiet, so off to the pound I went and found the two best kitties in the world. Sabrina is a black dms and about 15 weeks old. Tristan is black dms and about 15 months old. They've been best friends since the start. Couple of questions

Sabrina likes to wake me up in the morning by poking me in the eye. Anyone else's do that and how to stop?

What's a good age to let her out of her safe room when I'm gone during the day? They've been here for six weeks and doing quite well, the only concern I have is that she has tried to explore the gas fire place. She hasn't done it in a bit, but I'm concerned she will when I'm not here.

Finally, they play constantly. I'm used to the scratching & biting. Twice I've seen Tristan drag the baby by the throat, not the scruff. Is this kind of normal?

Thanks much! great site and I spend a few minutes a day on it.
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First I'd make sure that all cats nails are kept trimmed so they don't hurt each other. Is there anyway you can block of the fire place so she cannot get into it when you are not there?

By the time they are about 5-6 months old, you can safely let them free all day. We got Charlie at 4 months, but he didn't have total freedom of the entire house till around 5-6 months old. As long as we were home, he was free, but if we went out or at night when sleeping, he was kept in the library room.
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I would normally let them have full run around 5-6 months old, more to keep them from getting into tight places or basically losing them! And, at that age, exploring one room will keep them busy for a while. Just make sure he has enough toys to keep him occupied.

I would definitely find somthing to use to block the fire place, use a screen or something, even when you are there when he is out and about in the house. Most cats however are bright enough to NOT jump into a lit fireplace, but I have seen a few who's intellegence is a little doubtful.

Biting around the neck is normal cat play behavior...just make sure it doesn't get out of hand, especially with the other one being much bigger. The kitten will let you know when he isn't playing anymore. Normally play stops then...but if not, you may have to step in and stop it yourself. Sounds like they get along great!

Good luck, and welcome!
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