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They should be outlawed!

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I'm talking about those HUGE 4X4 trucks that some people have. Well, it seems like in West Virginia it is the majority that have them (and I am in the minority...I just drive a simple little Grand Am). Do they actually put spotlights on them instead of regular head lights?? And do they have to put double on?? I can't tell you how many times I've almost run off the side of the road because they completely blind me when they come towards me. They aren't so bad in the city because there are street lights, but going home on the dark roads and one comes at you it's scarey.

And, it never failes, at least 3 times a week I will get one behind me. I'm sorry, when I can see my shadow (not my car's shadow INSIDE my car) 50 ft in front of me that is too much. I had one behind me one night, and I thought he was driving with his high beams on. I couldn't see ANYTHING because of the glare from the rear view mirror and the side mirror, so I finally put on my turn signal to pull over so he could pass. He flashed his high beams at me (to thank me??) and I swear the glare burned my retinas!

I'm not complaining about the drivers of these vehicles (except the ones that insist on passing me doing 90 in snow when I'm already a nervous wreck. I'm sorry, I don't drive a tank like you do and have to go a little bit slower), but what are the manufactuers thinking?? Can't they put an extra dimmer switch in them so that people who still drive normal vehicles don't cringe when they see one coming? Or, are they trying to make us all buy one for defense? I'm sorry but I can't afford a $40,000 truck right now.

I'm sorry, I just needed to vent.
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i am sorry, i feel your pain on this, i really do. It happens to me all the time. Usualy i just slow down to like 45 or under and irritate them into passing me. I cant see to drive when they are blinding me, let them speed around and hit whatever is out there, or get the ticket, i aint in that big of a hurry and being blinded you cant hurry anyway. Those big ol trucks and those cars with the blue headlights are what gets to me, you would think they would be consdered a hazzard for other drivers.
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I hate when vehicles with high headlights like that are 'oncoming'...that's worse yet...and I drive an SUV!!!!
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I know what you mean. I can't stand the super bright lights either. Where I live, most places have streetlights around enough that you don't need your high beams at all; but it sure feels like some of these cars have them on!

I had a drive home from a night class in college once where I had the whole major shadow in front of me too. I wasn't a happy camper.
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It isn't how bright the lights are, it's where they're situated... dead into your eyes inside of below your vision... And putting dimmers into their headlights wouldn't be safe.

But you do have the 'night' setting on your rearview for a reason...

What I don't like are those blue headlights, inside of the traditional yellow.

I know they let people see better, but they're so awful to meet.

Aw well.
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I totally relate! I hate when they come up behind you too! It is blinding to see in the rearview and side mirrors.
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i am sorry. But errr, you do live in WVA,
I just hope it was not my cousin that passed you,
you need a step ladder to get into his 4X4 hehe
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
i am sorry. But errr, you do live in WVA,
I just hope it was not my cousin that passed you,
you need a step ladder to get into his 4X4 hehe
Hmmm....he could have been in one of the 20 that I passed or the one that got behind me tonight but I kind of doubt it. I think they live further south. (**makes a mental note to NOT drive in southern WVA**).

I get annoyed about the reflection from my mirror if they are behind me, but more annoyed because I CAN'T SEE THE FLIPPING ROAD WHEN THEY ARE COMING TOWARDS ME and they have almost caused me to wreck a few times because they totally blind me. And, I know it isn't the driver's fault (I've SEEN the high beams, and most of them aren't using them) I'm upset with the manufacturers.

And don't tell me dimmers wouldn't be safe, because they could light up half a football field with those headlights...from one truck...on low beams. They can do everything else with cars/trucks these days from calling your house from your voice, to parellel parking by themselves. They can't divise a 3 way bulb for the headlights??? I'm not saying use it all the time, but when you are in one lane traffic (as in one lane both ways) they HAVE to come up with something so those of us that actually drive normal cars that sit at a normal level to the ground can see without the lights shining right in our faces.

That's all I'm asking! Is that so much.....??? please....
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i think, the lights where talking about are LED lights that everyone seems to have here?

dumb things are so bright you cant see at all.
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I hate them too and my brother has one.
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